(Last Updated On: January 9, 2013)

Dinner in the Sky

“A unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests!”

After 3 years of hosting events in the sky, the trend has finally spilled over to Spain. The concept comes from Belgium, but the restaurant has spread through dozens of countries. If you have ever dreamed about having a luxury dinner, high up in the sky, well now it is finally possible from the 5th of May this year, in the city centre of Barcelona.

The concept ´Dinner in the sky´ is a specially designed table which is flying 50 meters above the ground. The enormous table with 22 chairs will be kept in the air by a giant telescope crane. In the centre of the table is a recessed place for the chefs, servers and, if you want, artists. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you are walking down the street of the city, or looking out the window of your Barcelona rental apartment and you see this restaurant on top of a crane, where there is no building under construction, but with a table flying high above the ground – all you can say is, it is brilliant.

Before the event you will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and a short introduction about the security. You will be then seated at the table with safety belt, in a chair known from the world of motor racing, so you are really safe. So do not need worry. The chefs are serving delicious meals of the Restaurant Nuclo from the middle of the table. The cuisine is really creative and will definitely fulfill your expectations. During the dinner, you will have an impressive view over the rooftops of Barcelona, as well as the Magic Fountain by Montjuïc. This special way of having dinner is one of the world´s 11 most extravagant and lavish dining experiences, so what are you waiting for?

Are you getting married and still searching for the perfect location for a dinner,  then you must also know that Dinner in the Sky can cater to this option as well. You can choose the location, from the beach to a castle; a public or a private dinner, no matter your desires, your dreams and wishes will all come true. By the way, would you be willing to do a bungee jumping just after you have become man and wife? Everything is possible.

So if you are not afraid of heights, have enough money to allow you to have a fancy meal and have your interest peaked by Dinner in the Sky, then you are lucky! Come to Barcelona and make your dreams come true.

Weather Conditions
Not feasible during thunderstorms with lightning, heavy wind or rain.

Depending on the crane flight, between 1 to 1.5 hours (incl. fasten seat belts before and undoing after the flight)

Number of participants
1-22 persons each flight

Welcome on the ground

Clothes/ equipment
Comfortable clothes according to the weather

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This article is written by Denise, a travel blogger from Apartime Barcelona.