(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)

Imagine a world, where there are no limits, no boundaries and no set of obligations! Only if this would have been possible, the entire world would have been a fiesta for us!

Though this might or might not be possible in reality, but there are several ways that will tempt you to cross all the barriers, boundaries and limitations. Festivals and celebrations are two of these ways!

No matter what, festivals and celebrations always bring us smile, happiness and make us forget all the obligations! And if you are also amongst the believer of this, glance through these 45 different flavours of celebration that will make you feel ‘Wish I Was There!’ and let your soul feel the eternal freedom:

  1. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

    m_Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival 1

    Where: China
    Date: 5th January-5th February, 2015

    m_Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival 2

    The Festival: While visiting the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China, you will surely be amazed with the allurement of the real-life structures that are etched and carved out only from ice. A plethora of lights, colours and detailed architectures, this event mainly comprises of snow and ice taken from the Songhua River.

  2. Up Helly Aa

    m_Up Helly Aa 1

    Where: Lerwick Spain
    Date: 27th (Last Tuesday) January, 2015

    m_Up Helly Aa 2

    The Festival: Celebrated in Shetland, Scotland, this fire festival involves young man wearing themed costumes, carrying fire torches and taking out a procession during the nights. The locals also replica of the Viking longship and at the end of the celebration, throws the ire torches towards the replica till it burns down.

  3. Carnival of Venice

    m_Carnival of Venice 1

    Where: Venice
    Date: 31st January-17th February, 2015

    m_Carnival of Venice 2

    The Festival: An annual festival in Italy, this carnival is celebrated with full vigour and energy. The carnival goers adorn themselves with colourful masks, gaudy costumes and create a vibrant ambience all over.

  4. Full Moon Party

    m_Full Moon Party 1

    Where: Kor Phangan Thailand
    Date: 3rd February, 2015

    m_Full Moon Party 2

    The Festival: When you are on the Ko Pha Ngan Island in Thailand, you can just be the party animal who yearns to party all night long! Night before the full moon, the entire island changes into a revelry of music, fun and excitement with R&B, trance, drum and bass, dance, reggae and other hypnotising genres of music.

  5. Rio de Janerio Carnival

    m_Rio de Janerio Carnival 1

    Where: Rio de jnerio
    Date: 13th-18th February, 2015

    m_Rio de Janerio Carnival 2

    The Festival: Dating back to 1723, the Rio de Janerio Carnival is one of the most charismatic and groovy festivals in the world. Swarmed by spectators from across the globe, this Brazilian festival is a brilliant display of the ‘samba’ dance performed by expert dancers from different corners of the world.

  6. Battle Of The Oranges

    m_Battle Of The Oranges 2

    Where: Ivrea Italy
    Date: 14th-17 February, 2015

    m_Battle Of The Oranges 1

    The Festival: Let’s not go to the origins of this exciting fiesta in Italy and just enjoy shooting or pelting oranges at the enemy group. In this fun-filled event, a total of nine different groups are formed. Task of each group is to hunt down the rest of the eight teams with their canons of orange.

  7. Mardi Gras

    m_Mardi Gras 1

    Where: United States
    Date: 17th February, 2015

    m_Mardi Gras 2

    The Festival: Celebrated just before the fasting of the Lenten season, Mardi Gras is also known as the ‘Fat Tuesday’. The celebration includes carnivals, merriment and eating richer foods; especially fatty foods and beverages, a day before Ash Wednesday.

  8. Chinese New Year Festival

    m_Chinese New Year Festival 1

    Where: China
    Date: 19th February, 2015

    m_Chinese New Year Festival 2

    The Festival: This in fact the longest running festival in China. Beginning on the very first day of the New Year, it continues to the last day of the first month with a traditional ‘Lantern Festival’ on the 15th day. During this month, the Chinese people clean their houses and decorate them with red paper cuttings; reunion dinners are also an important part of this celebration.

  9. Lantern Festival

    m_Lantern Festival 1

    Where: Pingxi Taiwan
    Date: 23rd February, 2015

    m_Lantern Festival 2

    The Festival: New Year in Taiwan is celebrated in the most delightful way! During the New Year night, the natives release hundreds and thousands of colourful lanterns in the sky and create a spell on every spectator. Letting the balloons in the sky is believed to take away all the mishaps of the past and bring in good luck and prosperity.

  10. Holi

    m_Holi 1

    Where: India
    Date: 6th March, 2015

    m_Holi 2

    The Festival: India is a land of colours, faiths, cultures and beliefs. It is in this country, where Holi is celebrated with full vigour, charisma, devotion and faith. A carnival of colours, people celebrate this festival by applying natural colours on each other; water balloons and gulals are also used.

  11. Noche de Brujas or ‘Night of the Witches’

    m_Noche de Brujas or ‘Night of the Witches’ 1

    Where: Mexico
    Date: First Friday of March (6th), 2015

    m_Noche de Brujas or ‘Night of the Witches’ 2

    The Festival: A unique as well as unnatural festival in Mexico, the Night of the Witches is an annual festival of the black magicians, shaymen, fortune tellers, healers and other witchcraft practitioners from all over the world. Held in Catemaco; a town that is known for its mysticism and voodoo practices, it runs for around a weekend.

  12. Saint Patrick’s Day

    m_Saint Patrick’s Day 1

    Where: Dublin
    Date: 14th-17th March, 2015

    m_Saint Patrick’s Day 2

    The Festival: One of the sacred festivals in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day marks the death anniversary of a sain with the same name, who explained the holy trinity. Celebrated by wearing shamrocks or green attires, this celebration is also marked by attending religious parades and ceilithe, drinking Irish bear and and whiskey.

  13. The Falles

    m_The Falles 1

    Where: Spain Valencia
    Date: 19th March, 2015

    m_The Falles 2

    The Festival: With the advent of the spring, the days get more vibrant and longer. But in Valencia, Spain, spring not only embraces the appeal of the days, but also brings in an essence to remember Saint Joseph. Marked by building colourful monuments and effigies that are eventually burned by the end of the festival, it is amongst the largest festivals in the world.

  14. Ultra Music Festival

    m_Ultra Music Festival 1

    Where: Miami
    Date: 27th-29th March, 2015

    m_Ultra Music Festival 2

    The Festival: Since its first occurrence, it has seen a plenty of changes. Originating as a one day celestial event for the music fanatics, it now runs for 3 groovy days. Organised in Downton Miami, it is such a music fest, where you can expect the best of the DJs and famed artists in the world.

  15. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

    m_Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 1

    Where: Indio California
    Date: 10th- 19th April, 2015

    m_Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2

    The Festival: A musical sojourn of two weeks, the Coachella is attended by more than 500,000 worldwide audiences. An amalgamation, where you can find popular musicians and artists like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Kanye West, The Strokes and many others, this 2 weeks long live musical fiesta has become a major attraction in California.

  16. Songkran-Thai New Year

    m_Songkran-Thai New Year 1

    Where: Thailand
    Date: 13th-15th April, 2015

    m_Songkran-Thai New Year 2

    The Festival: Come April, the entire of Thailand gets washed away with splashes of water from everywhere. Well, these splashes are meant to wash away of all the bad lucks and bring in good luck.

  17. Cannes International Film Festival

    m_Cannes International Film Festival 1

    Where: France
    Date: 13th-24th May, 2015

    m_Cannes International Film Festival 2

    The Festival: The land of many wonders, France boasts of being the host to one of the most reputed annual film festivals in the world. An invitation-only event, the Cannes International Film Festival or the ‘Festival de Cannes’ is a desire for film personalities across the globe.

  18. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

    m_New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 1

    Where: New Orleans
    Date: 24th-26th April & 30th April-3rd May, 2015

    m_New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2

    The Festival: Featuring a wide reangge of music genres, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Louisiana, showcases a myriad influx of musicians, food mongers, art and craft lovers from all over the world. Playing a lot of jazz, this music fiesta also encourages music genres like blues, R&B, gospel music, Cajun music, Afro-Caribbean, folks, Latin, rock, rap, country and others similar.

  19. Tomorrowland

    m_Tomorrowland 1

    Where: Belgium
    Date: 1st-3rd May, 2015

    m_Tomorrowland 2

    The Festival: Starting from 2005, this electronic music festival in the Boom locality of Belgium has been attracting the largest crowd of music enthusiasts in the world. Fusion of the world’s best DJs like David Guetta, Ruthless, DJ Zany, Paul Pakenfold, 2ManyDJ’s, Carl Cox and several other legends, it has been voted as the best musical events in the globe.

  20. CounterPoint

    m_CounterPoint 1

    Where: Kingston Downs
    Date: 22nd-24th May, 2015

    m_CounterPoint 2

    The Festival: Hosted in a 5,000acre ground with four different stages, CounterPoint is truly amongst the grooviest and impressive musical events in the world. Revelry of music, drink, fun, party and unlimited music, this electric event lasts for three days with camping and many other facilities for the audiences.

    m_CounterPoint 3

  21. Sasquatch! Music Festival

    m_Sasquatch! Music Festival 1

    Where: Gorge
    Date: 23rd-25th May

    m_Sasquatch! Music Festival 2

    The Festival: Starting from 2002, this annual music fest in George, Washington has attracted a large number of music fanatics from across the world. Running for around 3-4 days, you can enjoy a huge influx of indie rock, experimental rock, alternative rock, underground hip-hop and other performances by internationally famed musicians and singers.

  22. Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival

    m_Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival 1

    Where: Gloucester England
    Date: 26th May, 2015

    m_Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival 2

    The Festival: Every year, people from all over the world swarms the Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, England and takes part in an unusual race. Well, the race is unusual as it involves a 9lb cheese is rolled down the hill and the participants are expected to catch run behind the cheese roll. The first person to reach the finish line wins the race and is rewarded with the cheese.

  23. Governors Ball Music Festival

    m_Governors Ball Music Festival 1

    Where: New York
    Date: 5th-7th June

    m_Governors Ball Music Festival 2

    The Festival: Though this is one of the newest entries in the list of the grand musical events, it has gained an immense popularity among the music lovers. Running for around 3 days in New York, it entices the audiences with its electrifying indie rock, alternative rock, hip-hop and electronica genres of music.

  24. Firefly Music Festival

    m_Firefly Music Festival 1

    Where: Dover
    Date: 18th-21st June, 2015

    m_Firefly Music Festival 2

    The Festival: During the month of June, Dover in Delaware blooms out to be a paradise for the insane music enthusiasts! While the event get started with the irresistible musical tracks by the evening, the visitors, till then can enjoy several other activities like video games, designing, painting, country shopping or just relax in the hammocks.

  25. Electric Daisy Carnival

    m_Electric Daisy Carnival 1

    Where: Los Angeles
    Date: 19th June-21st June, 2015

    m_Electric Daisy Carnival 2

    The Festival: Happening almost all over the United States and Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, this electrifying musical fiesta recorded a swarming number of 400,000 audiences in 2014. Notable musicians, DJs, rappers and other artists participate in this 2-3 days grand event; fun and excitement are inevitable in here!

  26. Dragon Boat Festival

    m_Dragon Boat Festival 1

    Where: China
    Date: 20th June, 2015

    m_Dragon Boat Festival 2

    The Festival: According to the Chinese calendar, the Lunar New Year falls somewhere in the month of June. During this propitious season, the Chinese people revel on ‘realgar’ wine, delight on ‘zongi’ and participate in dragon boat racings.

  27. Glastonbury Festival

    m_Glastonbury Festival 1

    Where: Glastonbory, England
    Date: 24th-28th June, 2015

    m_Glastonbury Festival 2

    The Festival: This musical riot is totally inspired from the hippie, free festival and counterculture traditions. Taking place in Pilton, Somerset, this five days’ musical event is one of the most popular and acclaimed events in the world.

  28. Running Of The Bulls

    m_Running Of The Bulls 1

    Where: Spain Pamplona
    Date: 6th-14th July

    m_Running Of The Bulls 2

    The Festival: The bull run in Spain is not unknown! But have you ever wondered how it started? Originating in the 14th century, when the cattle breeders had to transport their bulls to the market, they used to scare the animals and make them run faster. Years passed, and this ancient practice changed into an international event where young and adventurous lads run with the fearsome bulls and prove their bravado.

  29. Boryeong Mud Festival

    m_Boryeong Mud Festival 1

    Where: South Korea
    Date: 17th-26th July, 2015

    m_Boryeong Mud Festival 2

    The Festival: Playing in the mud was once the funniest as well as exciting things everyone did in their lives. However, if you visit Boryeong in South Korea during the month of July, you can still enjoy playing in the mud and also get benefited with the minerals present in it!

  30. White Nights Festival

    m_White Nights Festival 1

    Where: Saint Petersburg
    Date: 23rd May-10th July, 2015

    m_White Nights Festival 2

    The Festival: With more than one billion attendees, White Nights Festival is famed as the largest public event in the entire of Russia. Showcasing the classical works in arts that include ballet, opera and musical shows by Russian troops, this groovy event is believed to be inspired by Nuit Blanche.

  31. Lollapalooza

    m_Lollapalooza 1

    Where: Chicago
    Date: 31st July-2nd August

    m_Lollapalooza 2

    The Festival: Whether you are an ardent fan of the alternative rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, punk rock, comedy or electronica, the Lollapalooza is the one happening musical sojourn for you! Started in 1991, this musical blast has been entertaining its fans since last 15 years.

  32. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

    m_Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1

    Where: Edinburg
    Date: 7th-31st August, 2015

    m_Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2

    The Festival: Also known as ‘The Fringe’, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is not just the largest arts festival in the world. Running over a span of 25 days, it is also amongst the longest running festivals in the world. Showcasing and portraying arts, music, plays and theatre acts of different genres, this festival is open to all types of artists and performers.

  33. La Tomatina

    m_La Tomatina 1

    Where: Spain
    Date: 26th (Last Wednesday) August, 2015

    m_La Tomatina 2

    The Festival: Pelting tomatoes at each other can be real fun at times! Be a part of the La Tomatina in Valencian, Buñol, and witness this revelry among the visitors. Dating back to 1945, when a few local lads started pelting tomatoes each other and eventually ended with provoking others to take part in it, it has now become one of the most charismatic festivals around the world.

  34. Burning Man

    m_Burning Man 1

    Where: Nevada
    Date: Last Monday of August-First Monday of September, 2015

    m_Burning Man 2

    The Festival: A week long music pageant that originated from the Baker Beach in San Francisco and later moved to Black Rock Desert in Nevada, Burning Man is a unique and one of its own kind. With no ticket system, but following ‘gifting’ tradition, this music symposium attracts more than 50,000 music lovers from across different corners of the world.

  35. Cascamorras

    m_Cascamorras 1

    Where: Baza Spain
    Date: 6th September, 2015

    m_Cascamorras 2

    The Festival: This is indeed one the outlandish festivals in the entire world! On this eve, any of the villager from Guadix represents himself as a unique character called ‘Cascamorras’ and visits Baza, Spain. On the other hand, the natives of Baza stain themselves and wait till the Cascamorras arrives in their village with eggs, coloured water and other pelting elements. The rest can be figured out!

  36. Riot Fest

    m_Riot Fest 1

    Where: Chicago
    Date: 11th-13th September, 2015

    m_Riot Fest 2

    The Festival: Completing 10 years of unbeaten legacy, the Riot Fest that started in 2005 in Chicago, has been a true riot of music, revelry, fun and excitement. Yet another name in the world of music, it was also held in Brooklyn, Toronto, Denver and Dallas.

  37. TomorrowWorld

    m_TomorrowWorld 1

    Where: Chattahoochee
    Date: 25th-27th September, 2015

    m_TomorrowWorld 2

    The Festival: Nominated as one of the best musical events, TomorrowWorld boasts of being one of the grooviest and booming events in the world. Held at the Bouckaert’s Farm in Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia, it originated in Holland, but was later brought to the United States.

  38. Oktoberfest

    m_Oktoberfest 1

    Where: Germany
    Date: September (Last Week)-October (First Week)

    m_Oktoberfest 2

    The Festival: Attended by more than 6 million people from almost all the corners of the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria is truly a riot of fun-frolic and exciting moments. Originating back in 1810, this 16 days funfair that has become an important part of the Bavarian culture.

    m_Oktoberfest 3

  39. Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

    m_Albuquerque International Balloon Festival 1

    Where: Albequreque
    Date: First Week of October

    m_Albuquerque International Balloon Festival 2

    The Festival: With the arrival of October month, the sky in Albuquerque, New Mexico, gets pleasantly invaded by colourful balloons of different size and shapes. A nine day event, it is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world and is participated by more hundreds and thousands of ballooners from different corners of the world.

  40. Day of the Dead

    m_Day of the Dead 1

    Where: Mexico
    Date: 1st-2nd November, 2015

    m_Day of the Dead 2

    The Festival: The Mexicans, who believe that the gates of heaven are opened at 31st October midnight, and the holy souls of their ancestors comes down to visit them, which in turn brings them good luck and prosperity. During this auspicious event, they decorate their homes with sugar-skulls, flowers, candles and prepare an altar with all the favourite foods of the deceased members.

  41. Voodoo Experience

    m_Voodoo Experience 1

    Where: New Orleans
    Date: 31st October-2nd November, 2015

    m_Voodoo Experience 2

    The Festival: Music, if played properly, can create a magical spell on its lovers! And while attending the Voodoo Experience, this will turn true for sure! A gathering of the top-class musicians and performers from across the globe, this musical event in New Orleans is such an event where live music allies hypnotism of the music fanatics.

  42. Fun Fun Fun Fest

    m_Fun Fun Fun Fest 1

    Where: Austin Texas
    Date: 7th-9th November

    m_Fun Fun Fun Fest 2

    The Festival: Austin in Texas is the home to the melodramatic event called Fun Fun Fun Fest or the ‘F3F’. Besides playing genres like indie rock, punk rock, hardcore punk and hip-hop, this glorious event also showcases new and raw talents at its best. It is in fact considered as one of the most encouraging events for new talents.

  43. Diwali

    m_Diwali 1

    Where: India
    Date: 11th November, 2015

    m_Diwali 2

    The Festival: As the autumn arrives in India, it also brings in brightness and goodwill. Marking victory of light over the darkness, this holy festival is celebrated throughout the county. Hindus lit lamps or ‘diyas’, candles, worships Goddess Kali, draws colourful rangolis at the doorsteps to welcome good luck, prosperity and distributes sweets with their near and dear ones.

  44. Night of the Radishes

    m_Night of the Radishes 1

    Where: Mexico
    Date: 23rd December, 2015

    m_Night of the Radishes 2

    The Festival: If you happen to visit Oaxaca City in Mexico during the last week of December, you can be a part of a unique event. Known as the Night of the Radishes, it involves art and craft on radishes and corn husks. Farmers from across the country, with their overgrown radishes take part in this unique fiesta and display their carving skills.

  45. Sunburn Goa

    m_Sunburn Goa 1

    Where: Goa
    Date: 28th-31st December, 2015

    m_Sunburn Goa 2

    The Festival: The largest premier electronic music festival in the entire of Asia, Sunburn Goa needs no introduction. A riot of music, world class DJs, exotic foods, shopping and other entertainment, it attracts a large number of national as well as international audience.