(Last Updated On: March 26, 2015)

Food is yummies! No matter where you are in the world, the common experience that brings us together is food. Whenever you think of international delicacies, we visualize the most popular ones like pizza and pasta for Italian, burgers and hot dogs for American, noodles and rolls for Chinese, sausage roll and meat pie for Australian and many more. Food stylist Trish Heagerty from the agency WHYBIN/TBWA, plated up some of the traditional foods of different countries to recreate these delicious national flags for the occasion of Sydney International Food Festival’s opening in October.

Clever, funny and memorable. They should replace the real flags.

    1. India

      Chicken curry, rice, cheera thoran (spinach with coconut), and papad.

India - Curry chicken rice cheera thoran and papadum wafer

    1. United Kingdom

      Scone, cream and jam.

United Kingdom - Scone cream and jam

    1. France

      Blue cheese, brie and grapes.

France - Blue cheese brie and grapes

    1. Switzerland

      Meat and swiss cheese.

Switzerland - Meat and swiss cheese

    1. Australia

      Meat pie.

Australia - Meat pie

    1. USA

      Hot dogs and mustard.

USA - Hot dogs and mustard

    1. Thailand

      Chili sauce, coconut, and blue crab.

Thailand - Chili sauce coconut blue crab

    1. Turkey

      Turkish delight.

Turkey - Turkish delight

    1. Vietnam

      Lychee, starfruit and rambutan.

Vietnam - Lychee starfruit and rambutan

    1. Spain

      Chorizo and rice.

Spain - Chorizo and rice

    1. Brazil

      Banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit.

Brazil - Banana leaf limes pineapple and passion fruit

    1. China

      Dragonfruit and starfruit.

China - Dragonfruit and starfruit

    1. Japan

      Tuna and rice.

Japan - Tuna and rice

    1. Greece

      Olives and feta cheese.

Greece - Olives and feta cheese

    1. Italy

      Basil pasta and tomatoes.

Italy - Basil pasta and tomatoes

    1. Lebanon

      Tomatoes parsley and pita bread.

Lebanon- Tomatoes parsley and pita bread

    1. South Korea

      Kimbap and dipping sauce.

South Korea - Kimbap and dipping sauce

    1. Indonesia

      Curry and rice.

Indonesia - Curry and rice

Can I eat them now?

[H/T: Daily Mail] via Reddit