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‘Give me a Turkish Army and I will conquer the world’, Napoleon alluded to the then legacy of Turkey centuries ago. But we say, ‘Give me a Turkish holiday and I will see the world’. Turkey, a country galore with the charm of medieval era interwoven with the contemporary colours is a resplendent travel canvas for anyone. It’s a whole new world replete with quaint hamlets, picturesque monuments and the turquoise blue ocean leaving nothing behind to give you a glimpse of all the exquisiteness of life at one place.



As the popularity of the balmy vibes by the beaches, the landscape studded with gems of history and the splendid cruises in the Mediterranean escalated in Turkey, so the pursuit of tranquillity in the most untouched places of the country has captured the imagination of tourists. Although a holiday in Turkey for a majority resonates with the glee of indulging in an opulent affair with a cruise and retracing the riches of past, for a travel snob, we know this wouldn’t satiate the quest.


Beyond the plethora of sights seen and relished by many, Turkey is a confluence of continents and cultures. It’s a journey to chronicle with anything and everything that makes people go ‘awww’. A holiday in Turkey traverses outside the realm of everything ‘touristy’ for a vacation to not just ‘see’ but ‘experience’ the delight.

The pristine charm of Turkey is going to leave you yearning for more after captivating you with it’s magic. If your wanderlust is right up to its zenith, here’s how Turkey invites you to savour a slice of bliss and fantasy to it’s enchanted land.


1)   It’s an Alluring Lane to Step Back in Time

Turkey excels in presenting the deep roots of history where you can experience the time clock away whilst you surrender to yourself to the marvels. Wherever you go, you’ll be either greeted with dusty Roman relics, cobbled streets or Greek statues. With all its wonders, 21st century may seem pallid compared to the medieval wonders here.


  Float in the famous hot air balloons of Cappadocia. Can learning history get any better?

           P.S.  There are sunsets too to complement the golden hued landscape beneath!


2)  It isn’t just Turkish Cuisine but a Culinary Nirvana

If you live to eat and travel to treat your taste buds, annotating the word ‘good’ may be a misnomer for Turkish cuisine. Apart from being the birthplace of the famous kebabs, the local cuisine here is packed with delicacies owing to its Ottoman heritage. Don’t forget the Turkish dolma and sarma, köfte-the most scrumptious meatballs to try here. Trust us, even street food here can give a run for money to the Michelin stars across the world.


       Have you got the stomach for the feast of your life? May the force be with you!


           Wait! Did we forget to tell you about the delectable desserts of Turkey?


3)  Where else to Enjoy the ‘Asian-Exotic’ with ‘European-Chill’

Acting as a bridge to the glories of Asian life with the subtle charm of Europe, Turkey is a gasping landscape that stands at crossroads yet possess its unique charm. If touring both the continents seems an ordeal task to complete in a lifetime, here’s an easy way out! Travel to Turkey and you can proudly say, ‘I have seen so much’ in a single trip.


           Europe here, Asia There, All that stands in between is a bridge!


4)  Because the Turks Love Their Tea. And So, Will You!

If there’s something that is ubiquitous from the streets of Istanbul to the multi-starred fine dining restaurants to accompany all the meals in Turkey, it’s tea. Turks excel in consuming and offering tea to everyone. Call it a way of life, tea and Turkey go hand in hand in a merry go round circle.


Help us out here! Can’t guess if the tea is more savoury or this picturesque vista of Rize?


5) Pining for a Spa? Here’s the Perfect Gift of Nature in Turkey

Craving for an escape into a world where everything tones down into a relaxed therapy to lull you into sleep? Well, in Turkey that’s no more a fantasy! Indulge in an idyllic rejuvenation in Turkey with hot stone therapies, thermal spas and the traditional Turkish hammams with a surreal gaze out onto the glistening Aegean Sea.


           Get healed in the world’s coolest hot springs at Pamukkale Thermal Pools


6)  If You Love a Bargain, Turkey Will Give You an Adrenaline Rush

After reviving your senses with spa therapies, a little bit of retail therapy may be a good thing for the soul on your sojourn in Turkey. From its designer labels to the resplendent antiques, bazaars in Turkey serve as a magnet for shopaholics. While the Turkish rugs and carpets are an object of envy to possessed and show off, haggle lovers have no idea how they spoils for choice in Turkey.


      Looks like a carnival? Well, that’s what shopping feels like in Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

In a nutshell, Turkey is a majestic tale that can enchant anyone, anytime and anyhow. You can sit and wonder about its charm or may go down there to make a story of your own. Just remember, not many opportunities come by where you sip tea or eat a kebab in the confluence of two continents after a refreshing retail therapy or a thermal bath.

Nevertheless, whichever road you take, Turkey will continue to sparkle with it’s inimitable charisma beyond generations and beyond boundaries.

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