(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

While planning a vacation trip, many things have to be done before reaching the destination. Out of them, staying is the primary concern, especially while traveling with family or spouse. There are two popular options, either hotel or holiday home. But why stay in boring hotel rooms when you can rent a complete house? Whether it’s about booking flight tickets or renting a house, we often surf online. A number of websites make big promises, but you deserve the best. If you have excellent online surfing skills, you can end up finding fantastic options. Here, we point out some major aspects which should be considered while booking a holiday home online.

1) Never Compromise on Location & Surroundings

If you are seeking a vacation trip that you and your spouse or family won’t forget, considering a holiday home is the wisest decision. But, more than the vacation rental, it’s surroundings keep you captivated. So, before looking a holiday home, one must check its location and ambiance.

Thailand-Bali Styled Seaside Luxury Villa in Thailand

Whenever it’s possible, search a holiday home that is located at nearby or a walking distance from the popular activities and places you want to explore on your trip. Many villas have fascinating locations such as oceanfront, hilltop or amidst forests, creating a unique magic in the air.  

We don’t travel during vacations to end up staying in another house, but to enjoy some quality time in tranquil at a local stay.

6-Bedroom Hilltop Villa in Kedah, Malaysia

Never run out of options! Here is a glimpse of holiday homes whose locations will make you jump with joy.

Balinese Style Seaside Luxury Villa in Thailand

6-Bedroom Hilltop Villa in Kedah, Malaysia

1-Bedroom Holiday Home in Tranquility, Thailand  


2) Yes, It Matters! The Interior & Space of Your Vacation House

Along with the enormous space, the interior decor of a holiday home plays an important role in setting a tone of leisure. Meanwhile, the theme of the house let you indulge in customs of the place. Holiday homes are the best way to explore the unique culture or live a different lifestyle. Before considering one for your next vacation getaway, check for antique furnishing, artwork, elegant design, comfortable bed space and of course, a gorgeous outside view from the room.


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Don’t forget to check all the modern amenities and en suite facilities. If you want to cook on your own, make sure there is a kitchen with all the necessary utensils before you book a holiday home for your next vacation.   


To top it all off, one must ensure privacy for oneself and their loved ones. If you are traveling with kids, check in advance if there is a separate space for children, so you don’t have to compromise on intimacy with your better half.


There are always better alternatives! Take a sneak peek at the below-listed holiday homes with extraordinary design:

Elegant 1-Bedroom Holiday Home in Mumbai, India

Luxury Wrapped in Tradition at a Bali Villa in Seminyak, Indonesia


3) Add Authenticity to Your Trip with Distinct Architecture 

Don’t just get involved in the sightseeing, instead of living the place. We often overlook the architecture and design while selecting a holiday home, but it’s true that living in a traditional or distinct abode adds a layer of authenticity to your trip.


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Once you’ve picked your favorite location, it is time to look for some distinct houses that adorn regional architecture.     


If you are lucky enough to find a historic villa on your next vacation, it will be a unique experience with real in-house fun for you.     


Here we bring you few holiday homes with remarkable architecture. Suit Yourself!

Live in Your Dream Treehouse in Bali, Indonesia

A Townhouse Accommodation in Jeju Do, South Korea


4) Look for Ample Outdoor Space to Hang-out

Choosing a holiday home means greater space. Not just inside the house, but plenty of outdoor space. Don’t underestimate the value of surroundings as these are the best things to set your mood.


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Especially, if you are traveling to a place which is famous for its spectacular weather, make sure your holiday home has a massive outdoor space for hang-outs with your besties. To enjoy the best colors of nature with your loved ones, outdoor tropical gardens are the perfect spots.


Enjoy weather right under the open sky! Browse the links given below to explore some of the most beautiful holiday homes with good outdoor space –

Pool Villa with Outdoor Space to Enjoy the Ocean View in Kata, Thailand

Contemporary Style Villa with Great Outdoor Space in South Korea