(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

At one point in time, we all have been fascinated by Pirates, treasure and the seafarers. Their adventure on the sea and how sometimes they have to meet their end with a tragic shipwreck. During great wars and ill-fated battles many ships sunk deep into the sea. These days as the divers dive deep into the sea. Very recently in Bulgaria, more than 40 ancient shipwreck vessels was found under the sea.

Due to the lack of oxygen underwater, the timbers are very well preserved without much harm. Everything from the wooden structures to the carvings is still unbroken. This is the first time that a ship has been found in its complete form.


An image of the well-preserved medieval ship found at the bottom of the Black Sea, one of more than 40 wrecks discovered. Photogrammetry, a process using thousands of photographs and readings, produced a rendering that appears three-dimensional.


Unique preservation in wood carvings of an Ottoman period Shipwreck


Lack of oxygen has very well preserved the stern of an Ottoman shipwreck deep down under  300m of water

image-4A high-tech sub surveying a Byzantine shipwreck


The Surveyor Interceptor sub surveying with a suite of geophysical instruments as well as lights, high-definition cameras and a laser scanner


The wreck of an Ottoman ship visible underwater by the research team


The team are studying prehistoric civilisations who would have lived on the coast before it was submerged by rising sea levels after the last ice age

Source: The Sun