(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)

Societal norms have for years frowned upon women doing things deemed ‘manly’. But, times have changed. In many ways, women are leading the way for others and forging change. If you’ve longed for the open road and want to let your adventurous soul fly free, now is the time.


1) Riding isn’t just for guys



Riding a motorcycle is a guy thing. It’s a macho sport and women aren’t allowed to play. At least that’s what many think. The truth is, riding doesn’t discriminate on gender so why should anyone say otherwise? India has a small but growing number of women who aren’t letting convention control their love for riding. They’re going where they want to and encouraging others to do the same. Imagine riding towards the Himalayas with the wind in your hair and the majestic mountains rising up to greet you – it’s a thrill that’s hard to find anywhere else! If you feel the tug of adventure and want nothing more than to get on a motorcycle and bike your way to the destination of your dreams, there’s no one who can stop you from going to the mountains.


2) You are NOT defined by what you wear



It’s an old tale that’s been repeated for eons: Women who wear short skirts and sleeveless tops don’t have good characters. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you choose to wear your favorite tank top or shorts, you are never defined by what you wear! The same goes for wearing pants, biker jackets and other ‘male’ clothes. Your hopes, dreams, desires, ambitions and personality are what make you you! If you’re ready to head off on your road trip and are worried about what to wear, just choose what you want. You’re setting out on an adventure and your clothes have nothing to do with how much fun you’re definitely going to have!


3) Ride when you want, with whom you want



Hanging out with people of the opposite sex can get more than a few frowns in some places. Add a group of motorcycles to the mix and it’s enough to set tongues wagging! But today’s woman doesn’t let such mindsets stop her from befriending who she wants to and riding with men or women. Her thirst for adventure, her love for her friends and her passion for riding are what drive her. Unchain yourself from the shackles of others’ opinions and follow your heart. If a road trip to the Himalayas is what you’ve been dreaming about, realise it. If you want to ride with your posse, do so. If you want to travel alone, make it happen. Riding is freedom and the modern woman does not let the constraints of society stop her from thoroughly enjoying herself!


4) Don’t hit the brakes on solo travel




Traveling solo has been embraced as reluctantly as riding has. Fears have suppressed the urge to set out on one’s own, which is why many women hesitate to travel without company. While safety is always a priority no matter where you venture, it should not keep you from traveling alone. Solo travel can teach you things about yourself you didn’t know. Your confidence gets a huge boost as you learn to speak to people and find solutions to hiccups. You realise that you’re pretty great company too!

Traveling alone is incredibly liberating and everyone needs to try it. You have only yourself to satisfy and don’t need to contend with another person’s demands. You can sleep in, spend hours at a place you love and do what you want to do. Women today are realising how important going solo is and are increasingly setting forth on their own. You don’t want to be left behind!


5) Conquer all terrains



The thought of navigating around potholes, bumps, twists and turns can be a little unsettling but being able to conquer them is hugely rewarding. You don’t need muscle to do it. If you’re confident with your riding skills and understand what your motorcycle is capable of, you’ll be able to handle obstacles a lot more easily. Don’t let tricky terrain stop you from going on your adventure whether it’s to the Himalayas or the coastal regions – take the bull by the horns and turn it into one hell of a trip!

It’s time for women to shine and do what they want to do. Riding a scooter and heading off to create their own stories is just one way to reclaim their freedom. Go where you want, wear what you want, ride what you want – turn every ‘NO’ you hear into a big ‘YES’! It’s time to become who you are meant to be!