(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Have you always dreamt about packing your bags and heading out for a trip around the world, but never seriously pursued that dream? A lack of funds is generally the reason why people don’t realise their travel ambitions – but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Money is always the defining factor in funding a travel lifestyle, but not only is travel much cheaper than you think, but it’s also easier to fund an around-the-world trip – if you know how. You just have to think creatively. This article is geared towards those ‘outside the box’ ideas to make your around-the-world trip come true.

Teaching English

Would you be prepared to work in order to see more of the world? If so, you could consider moving around the globe teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) to school students. Whether it’s China, South America or Africa, TEFL is a credible option for those with the travel bug and the temperament to be a teacher. Most TEFL agencies will be prepared to cover the cost of your accommodation during your contract and if you are savvy with your salary, you can save enough of this to help you move on to your next teaching destination.


Tourism And Hospitality

You could also consider working in the tourism or hospitality sector in your chosen destinations, working in restaurants, bars and public houses to finance your travel. You would simply need to ascertain what visa and work permits are necessary before packing your bags.



If you don’t have any significant financial commitments at home like a mortgage, you might also be interested in volunteering to enjoy worldwide travel experiences. Volunteering for a global charity can be a hugely enriching chapter in your life, whether its preserving hiking trails, lending a hand in a poverty-stricken nation or protecting sea turtles from extinction. It might just bring out your inner backpacker.

Most charitable organisations will cover the cost of your accommodation while you’re out there and provide daily meals. If you had access to a laptop, you could even consider earning a side income by freelancing online, providing you have some transferable skills such as coding, writing or designing.


Working In The Travel Industry

If you consider yourself to be a ‘people person’, you could always experience destinations around the world by working as a flight attendant or for a cruise line. Although the job contains long hours that are anything but 9-to-5, you do get to see a lot of the world and benefit from free travel perks throughout the year too. Working on a cruise line can be particularly fruitful as crew members generally have their expenses paid and will have downtime to explore each new destination.


Other Ways To Finance Your Trip

Of course, if you’re so close to being able to afford your trip but you just don’t quite have enough to pay for your travel expenses and have enough funds to live on afterwards, you could always consider a short-term loan. Even people with poor credit histories can get bad credit finance deals approved within 60 minutes and have the money in their account the same day, so it’s a credible option for those that have left their travel saving to the last minute – quite literally.

Alternatively, if you aren’t prepared to work on your travels, you’ll have to suck it up and start saving on a monthly basis. Consider your total monthly income and commit to setting aside a monthly figure that can help you reach your long-term goal. You’ll have to be willing to make sacrifices, such as cutting back on socialising and paying for luxuries such as TV cable and even expensive smartphone data contracts. Be sure to keep in mind that these short-term pains are necessary for that long-term gain and the dream of seeing the world.