(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Indian sub- continent is one of the most affordable places to go for the outings. The travel and leisure is constantly increasing but even today there are places where you can get housing at 100INR per day, which is really impressive. This is the reason traveling lovers preffer various destination of India.


Basically, there are three needs dressing stuff, accommodation, and meals, which are definitely controllable and quickly affordable in India. Due to these reasons and possessing rich culture, interesting traditions and renowned heritages, Indian sub continent get millions of tourists every year.

More than enough to explore in India

India is one of the biggest nations in the world. Not only in size but as far as tours and traveling are concern, there is no one like India in the entire world. If you are looking to discover the entire country you would doubtlessly want to have visit after visit for the rest of your life. India is also very rich at culture and the culture varies place to place and makes it more interesting for a tourist. Actually the main fun lies inside exploring the varying culture of India. It‘s seriously amazing when you discover the different lifestyle of people varying with respect to the locality, and you will feel that this place really worth your investment of time, money and emotions.

Many tourists want to extract spiritual peace from their tour to India. Rishikesh or any other spiritual Himalayan venues are their major preferences. Some of the tourists also like to have an experience of all the edges of Native Indian design itineraries that cover all the four route of the country. Tours and traveling in India for foreign visitors are an economical but full of fun event. Exploration needs time but each trip is a chance to learn.

Destinations for outdoor hiking in India

There is variety of tourism spots in India, but the point to choose the destinations is for what you want to have a tour? There are so many tourism destinations that will fit in any purpose of a tour. Temperature and climate changes could be the big factor that may affect your tour so make a smart selection while planning a tour. Here we are describing some of the most preferred destination, but that’s not the all that India offer to you. There is almost uncountable destination to explore in India.

The Capital: New Delhi

New Delhi always has an outstanding environment. Summer season are extensive and pretty hot, on the other hand last few months of winters get freezing cold. It doesn’t have snowfalls, but the temperature over here almost touch 0*C. At the prospective of sightseeing opportunities, Delhi has a lot to offer you, whether you are looking for just entertainment or some extreme adventures. Adventure sports and national heritages both can be explored here. Delhi is an urban town with shopping centers and celebrity ranked resorts.

The way of life is sophisticated and can suit even people from other countries. Delhi is known for cons where you never know who might cheat you and how. So be watchful. But, don’t forget to enjoy yourself at Janpath or Rajori bazaar, have some street food at Chandni Chowk and the street known as Paranthe Wali Gali, and check out the Red Fort & Qutub Minaar.

The City of Dreams: Mumbai

Mumbai environment remains moist due to the sea, most of the times in the year. It never gets too warm or too freezing here. Rainy season come before here and end later. It is also a sophisticated and definitely a tourist’s beloved destination. There are several adventures from Mumbai, such as Beach of Aksa, Goa, Ajanta & Ellora caverns, Pune and many more. Mumbai also have great temple of Siddhi Vinayak, Linking road for shopping, Crawford bazaar, as well as Fashion Street. Take a cab-drive on the sea link of Bombay-Worli and get pleasure of the spicy meals at famous Juhu Chopati. Bollywood would surely attract you more than anything else in Mumbai.

Start exploring Bengal from- Kolkata

Summers get pretty hot here, as the temperature remains around 40*C. Season of winter is a bit shorter than summer but so cold, while the rainy season remains average. Kolkata is renowned for its world class artists, literati, and rebellions. It also has wealthy religious prosperity. There is a significant impact of Romans, English, and Moguls. There are many typical monuments for sightseeing opportunities and several adventures to provide you a fun time out there. Old fashioned coffee houses, Tiffany’s pub, China Town and Howrah Bridge are very popular over here in Kolkata.

Shimla: The most beautiful hill station

Shimla is a freezing cold site and has regular summers. December is the month of snowfall here. Summer hill, Kufri, Annadale, Kasauli and many more getaways are there to hang out and have fun time while exploring some most adventurous things to do in Shimla. Accommodation in Shimla is very easy to have, as it is one of the top tourism spot in India. Shimla hills are the best place for camping out and for trekking, as well. While here, you can explore the beautiful Shimla sky by taking a Paragliding tour in Shimla. You will also have fun with shopping for hand crafted shoes, soft toys, woolen hats, and many other thing at shopping mall of Shimla.


Things to Carry

Here is list of essential things that you must carry, if you are planning for a tour in India:

  • A route map that tells you about the locations of nearby fuel stations and STD booths. Well, it depends on you to carry it or not, because the clueless journey has its own fun in India. Some accessories like marker pens, plain papers, card-boards, and clips etc, which could be helpful in non English speaking localities and for other purposes.
  • A portable umbrella or Raincoat, large soft towel, paper soap, toiletry, tissue papers & toilet papers, deodorants and anti-mosquito spray etc.
  • Sleeping bag and water resistant pressure bags.
  • Warm clothing’s, few t-shirts, pair of socks and undergarments in good number, wind spouse, woolen tights, denims, sport shoes, chewing gums, peppermints, portable container for water & beverages, travel guide and some time pass stuffs.
  • First-aid & stitching kit as a precaution of injuries.
  • Camera, Torch & entertainment gadgets with your mobile handset.