(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Spice things up after your marriage by sweeping your loved one to any of these splendid places. Shortlist on any of these 11 best honeymoon destinations in South India. Luring you are stunning beaches, green hill tops, heritage sights and more.

  1. Kovalam – where Love gets mixed with relaxation


    Get swayed away in each other’s arms…add a little amount of relaxation to your honeymoon trip and enjoy each other’s company in the most romantic way!


  2. Alleppey – at times, silence talks more volume of Love


    Words are not always to make each other feel the love and romance! Plan your honeymoon trip to the silent backwaters in Alleppey and allow silence do the talking for you!


  3. Pondicherry – Love the French way

    m_Pondicherry 1

    Witness love growing deep in the most passionate ways as the time flows! Add a pinch of French essence to your honeymoon and make every moment of your honeymoon memorable in the surreal locales of Pondicherry!

    m_Pondicherry 2

  4. Coorg – romance in the Scotland of India

    m_Coorg 1

    Nothing in this world can buy the happiness of being with your beloved one! Add more colours to this divine relation with a honeymoon trip to the evergreen locales and scintillating hills of Coorg. Also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, the fun and delight of your honeymoon will never cease in this hill town!
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  5. Kumarakom – silent, yet romantic

    m_Kumarakom 1

    After all the festive celebrations of a big-fat wedding, both of you really deserve to relax away from everyone! Sail through the silent backwaters of Kumarakom, relax in a houseboat and blend your honeymoon with plenitude of relaxing moments along with the tenderness of love and romance!

    m_Kumarakom 2

  6. Ooty – nature is the best host to start a new life

    m_Ooty 1

    Embraced by the fascinating beauty of the Nilgiri Hills and adorned with pleasant hilly climate and stunning beauty, Ooty in undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the country. Quaint, yet mesmerising, honeymoon in Ooty is all about cuddling each other in the lap of nature!

    m_Ooty 2

  7. Munnar – redefine love and romance in the evergreen hills

    m_Munnar 1

    Feel the love and romance in you grow more and more while on a honeymoon trip in Munnar! Let the amorous tea plantations, the captivating hills, the windy roads and the serenity that exists in Munnar redefine your love for your better half.

    m_Munnar 2

  8. Kodaikanal – begin the new journey with plenty of love

    m_Kodaikanal 1

    Don’t do anything, but spend loving and caressing moment with each other on your honeymoon trip! Appreciate each and every moment, embrace the love between the two of you and mark the most romantic beginning of your life in the enchanting locales of Kodaikanal.

    m_Kodaikanal 2

  9. Kanyakumari – love each other beyond the end of time


    A point, where the land ends and begins the mighty ocean, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is amongst the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the country. The lands might end here, but happiness, togetherness, love, peace and prosperity begins from here!

  10. Hampi – shape your present with the aura of the past

    m_Hampi 1

    In order to sweeten our present, we must adore our past! And when it comes to feel the vibes of the past and to shape the present for a romantic future, the splendid past of Hampi proves to be an inspiration for the new couples.


  11. Coonoor – for a quiet and calm honeymoon


    Located few kilometres from Ooty, Coonoor also takes the pride of being an ideal honeymoon destination in the Nilgiri Range. Laced with several natural wonders, both of you can spend some of the most peaceful and serene moments in this hill station town.



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