(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

One of the things we loved doing as a kid was playing with boats in rain water. From then till now, all of us would love to take a cruise tour at least once. One of the best ways to holiday, cruises are luxurious, opulent, and dreamy. Be it for an anniversary party or for a valentine’s night, cruises are the best way to spend your vacation.

With festive season fast approaching, now is the right time to pack your luggage and get ready for the cruise season to begin… However, you must first have to figure out few things before going on this vacation.

For a cruise holidaying going along as a group with your family or gang of friends will be icing to your cake. So it is always better to enjoy this holiday with your group. Here are some popular destinations for your cruise holidaying which are ranked best by the frequent cruisers:

  1. Sydney, Australia:

Whenever we speak about cruising and sailing the first thing that will come in mind is the South pacific region, and the most popular destination over here is Sydney. The country is situated clearly in the middle of the ocean and hence it is pretty obvious that we can enjoy these destinations for the cruise holidaying. Over the past few years, Australia has become the most popular cruise destination spot, they are not only popular but have in fact become the exotic hotspot for cruise enthusiasts. The countries cruise tourist departments have worked pretty hard on this section and have re-vamped plenty of places so that it gives better output for the cruisers.

How to reach: Fly straight to Sydney from Chennai at just INR 26,815.



  1. New Zealand:

Cruising is adventurous and total fun, to enjoy this vacation to the core, you have to take the exotic wildlife tour at New Zealand and jump along with the Kangaroos and don’t forget to capture your memories in picture form, be prepared to receive a warm hug from the Koala Bear and walk alongside to get the flavor of Aboriginal lifestyle. And what is more amazing is that you will get awestruck by those magnificent landscapes at New Zealand. Then unwind yourself by taking the retail therapy at the Auckland districts. To get the real fun and enjoyment from this vacation plan for a cruise trip from December to April. Also check here: Some more interesting things to do on New Zealand trip.

How to reach: Fly straight to Auckland from New Delhi at fares starting from INR 41,570.



  1. Tasmania:

The passengers halting or going to places outside are quite common in cruising. Tasmania offers many things to explore when the cruise halts. This cruise can be clubbed as a single cruise with the other two cruises mentioned above or as a single cruise. For people who want to experience the best cruising expeditions and tours that will give passengers opportunity to discover the true setback of Tasmania, take just the Tasmania cruise. The splendid mountain landscapes here, is a sheer beauty that is worth every penny spent on this vacation.

How to reach: Fly straight to Hobart from New Delhi at just INR 36,360.



  1. Alaska, USA

Travelling or sailing cruise has an advantage, you can travel in any direction without any constraint, and now moving towards our next best cruise destination is Alaska. If you are longing for something unique or exquisite, then the right cruise destination will be this spot. If you want adventure as you are bored of your beach based cruise holidaying, Alaska opens many things that are in store for you.  An Alaska cruise will not only soothe your mind and soul but it will equally satisfy your cruise craving, you can sail smoothly and silently into the Tranquil Fjords and watch the enormous glaciers face to face and at the same time get jailed among the awe inspiring sceneries that the place has to offer to you.

To catch up live the best things that Alaska offers book your cruise pack during the month of May through September.

How to reach: Fly straight to Anchorage Airport in Alaska from New Delhi at fares starting at just INR 85,634.


  1. Galapagos Island, South America:

There are many impressive cruise ships that will provide you ample luxury and comfort in this area. Also, many of the boats will give you the privilege of Snorkeling and some even provide you SCUBA diving. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t miss out the deep sea wonders that the island has to offer, you can even charter a small boat if you are going as a group of students or club or association. If you are going on a honeymoon cruise vacation, there are private boats too. The interesting part about this island is that, this is the island where Charles Darwin observed the unique wildlife system for his evolution theory, Guys! Now you have a reason to see that for real!


As it is an island you should plan your trip in such a way that the weather and the climate doesn’t affect your Galapagos tour, the ideal time to visit this place if from Mid April through May while the skies are said to be clear, seas calm and weather warm.

How to reach: Fly straight to Galapagos from New Delhi at just INR 104,133.

  1. Baltic & Scandinavia Port:

Cruise is the best option to travel to the Baltic & Scandinavia Port. Baltic & Scandinavia Port is situated in the North European plain near Finland. It is rightly said that once in lifetime, a cruise to Baltic is a must and this is in fact a lifetime experience, no matter how many cruises tour you have been too.


There are many places to see over here for the cruiser, the huge range of wildlife, forests, vegetation, natural beauty are some of the things that shouldn’t be missed out. Get indulge into salmon fishing or play with the whales or alternatively enjoy with the gigantic bears. While sailing back don’t take your eyes away from those rolling landscapes of Finland (best to see from far too).

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport of Riga from New Delhi at INR 24,643.

  1. Caribbean, West Indies:

It is not always necessary that you have to cruise far to reach your destination, you can even in fact get the real enjoyment when you tour to the Caribbean region. Cruise destination will become incomplete if Caribbean is not included in it. This is in fact the most desired and popular destination wherein cruisers from all across the world flock in every year during the cruising season.

It is also worth mentioning that the Caribbean island is an ideal place for amateurs or first time cruisers, the comfort factor that this place offers is a plus point for the travellers. There are famous beaches, good atmosphere and plenty of wild life to be explored; above all the turquoise clear water will give the cruisers the much needed break. Due to its atmosphere and clear water setback, the place is termed as World’s paradise. Each day spent over here will de-stress you and relax your body and soul.

When you are here, have a tour to Jamaica – a place that is rich in culture and there are scope for plenty of adventures too over here.

Once you are back from this Caribbean cruise vacation, you will surely start to take life easy. The best time to visit this island is during the months of January and February.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport of Port of Spain from New Delhi at INR 67,049.

  1. Fjords of Norway, Norway:

Yet another popular cruise destination will be the Fjords of Norway. Sailing into this destination which is covered with narrow rivers and colossal mountain ranges is the most beautiful thing that any person has never got to miss out from.


There are some three places that shouldn’t be missed when you are picking the Fjords; the first is the Sognefjord – this is world’s second longest Fjord of 125 miles geographically and the world’s deepest one too, the second is NaeroyFjord – this is regarded as the arm for Sognefjord and is very much popular for its narrow spaced steep cliffs. The third one is the Geirangerfjord – the famous attraction over here is the tall cascading waterfalls, and the seven sisters is the center of attraction.

Don’t miss watching the northern lights at Aurora Borealis.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Oslo from New Delhi at INR 34,538.


  1. Antarctica:

Cruise in Antarctica – Who will say no to? Well, I won’t. It is heard that every day you get to see something new over here, you will be surrounded by the impressive backdrops and overwhelming scenery. When you halt you get to play with the penguins and see calving icebergs.


This cruise is apt for the nature lovers actually; nature is a paradise over here, when you have booked a cruise trip to this destination, don’t miss out to have a glimpse of the greatest ice glacier terrain of this planet. As Antarctica is cold and lovely throughout, you can visit this place anytime of the year. However, when the winter is intense, i.e. from April to October, cruises may not operate.

River cruising is a great fun, and to get this perfect fun you have to plan your trip in such a way that you get ample time to spend in each of the destinations. Each year thousands and thousands of cruise lovers hang out to some or other cruise destinations that are mentioned above. As it is one in a lifetime experience, it is always wise to choose the package that is affordable and get a memorable overall experience!

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport to Antarctica and continue the rest by road.