(Last Updated On: February 3, 2017)

One of the two districts of union territory Daman and Diu, Daman lies on the west coast of India. Daman is a popular tourist destination due to its unexplored and silvery beaches and allowance of drinking and partying all day all night long, which is not acceptable in nearby states. It is blessed with a perfect blend of natural beauty and modernism with perfect climatic conditions. The palpable influence of Portuguese on rich historical monuments attracts lots of students from history to witness the centuries old territory. Some of the amazing and unexpected places of Daman will make your trip a lifetime memory. Few such places are mentioned here.

1. The Sao Jeronimo fort

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Standing high headed and facing the Damanganga River, this fort is the heart of Daman. This fort inherits its name from twentieth viceroy, Don Jeronimo. Possessing a church of Lady of Sea, the major monumental gateway and a minor gate landward is and amazing and complex work of military architecture that deserves a special attention. There are various inscriptions describing and elaborating the history of this fort with three bastions having triangular profile.

2. Moti Daman fort

Moti daman Fort

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Exclusively constructed with ten bastions and two primary gateways this massive fort of Moti Daman, this fort is protected by moat on landslide and connects river to the sea.  Inside this fort, an attracting and eye catching place is the Pargola garden, stands in memory of soldiers of Portuguese who lost their lives in liberation of Dadar and Nagar haveli. The modern secretariat building standing opposite collectorate makes this fort a tourist attraction.

3. Devka beach

Devaka Beach Daman

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A beach for all age groups, children to elderly people has a well-tended amusement park with musical fountain to make your beach experience melodious. This beach has well maintained shores to relax with a separate place for young brats and their play activities. This amazing beach is extremely picturesque and completely unspoiled. Those who are not much familiar with devka beach must notice that the rough rocky creations beneath water level. The artistically placed fountains on the crystal white sand of this beach gives you an amazing experience of an evening walk.

4. Dominion Monastery

Dominion Monastery

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The past headquarters of theological studies where many catholic scholars used to come from different geographical corners of globe, to gain knowledge and get enlightened. At present, this monastery is a ruin of academic excellence of history. It still stands with the same prestige, but in depleted condition, giving the reflection of its past glory. This religious monastery possessed a floral stone with ornamental carvings making it the most attractive and interesting object. This place is definitely worth a visit.

5. Finally you can take a heritage walk in Daman

This historical city is perfect to view the golden past all day long and get drunk all night, finally. Daman is still unexplored by many tourists that makes it an unspoiled, peaceful yet sensational place to be. With complete freedom of drinking, celebrating and partying all time, Daman has lot to offer for shopping and pampering your taste buds.