(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)

 Right in between the Alps, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is nestled a nation earlier known for Hitler, Berlin Wall and the Holocaust; a nation they know as Germany. Today, we all know Germany as a nation whose synonym is efficiency, or perhaps perfection, or perhaps as the epitome for perfection!

Come 2018, let Germany climb onto your list of desired travel destinations that you want to uncheck off your bucket list. Here are 5 ‘efficient, accurate and perfect’ reasons why you should have Germany on your bucket list!


1) We Drink Beer and We Literally Know Things!

Pizza will Not  Fill the Emptiness of Your Soul. You will also need a Beer!

 Germans take their beer seriously; and we mean very seriously! “Pizza won’t fill the emptiness of your soul. You’ll also need beer” is the literal translation to the German quote given above; believe us now? Gone are the times when the first image which came to the mind would be that of Hitler’s or the World War II or of the Holocaust. Today’s Germany is pronounced as Brewed Beers, Autobahn Cars and 20,000+ Huge Castles thought to be brought right out of Walt Disney productions; Lord bless their beauty! Lord bless Germany.

Germany is the most important beer market in Europe. One can enjoy the best of the drinks during Oktoberfest or get high on Gluhwein, a traditional drink served warm or hot in winters especially during Christmas.

We say that don’t miss out on Bavarian Beers! Well you could, but who does?


2) Bike, Hike, Wear your Spikes!

Running Wild in to the Black Forest Trail!

Germany humbly boasts of about 200,000+ km of hiking trails which traverse like old-aged wrinkle criss-crossing onto the beautiful faces of forests, rivers, mountains and roads. One could take day excursions and one could take an extended weekend; leave the paths, take the trails. Some of the German trails are inviting enough to travelers; who can’t do anything to resist the call of the mountains and wild.

Locals say that some of the most interesting hiking trails are the Franconian Mountain Path, the Heidschnuckenweg Trail, the Rheinsteig Trail, the Edersee Forest Walk, and the Black Forest Trail. Beautiful weather, more beautiful terrains and the joy of breathing Germany’s even much more beautiful air, there’s no reason why we should not go on the hike today!


3) You Just Can’t Miss Skiing in Germany!

Coming close to his passion in the Bavarian Alps; a passion called Skiing!

Ski lovers from across the globe make it a point to come to the Germanic Alps, come winters, to learn snowboarding and skiing tricks; or just blend in the snowy winters to have a memorable time with their families. In fact, skiing is not just limited to Alps in Germany; the Black Forest charms the world with Germany’s oldest skiing club which attracts thousands of travelers every year; snow-swear!

Germans feel lucky to have amazing ski resorts throughout the nation, some of the prominent ones are Arber, Nebelhorn. We’ve always had Alpsee-Grünten for families which come flanking with free parking, fun park, winter hiking trails and not to forget; Germany’s longest tobogganing season throughout the year. Well, if you’re looking for ski jumping during summers, we do have Oschsenkopf in Fichtelgebirge.


4) Castles Which Cast a Spell.

The Castle of Neuschwanstein, Germany; one of the most clicked buildings!

One look across Germany’s landscape and statisticians begin to gossip about the 20,000+ castles that the country holds tight on its soil, chinned up on top of hills. Germany’s architectural grandeur was never a secret, and it invites hundreds of thousands of people each year to witness the magic spell these castles evoke on the travelers’ minds, wandering them off to the medieval times.

Castles in Germany remind travelers of the Renaissance period where everything was undergoing a radical change, be it literature, or architecture or medicines. One might get surprised but some of these castles are still under the possession of the original owners, and we find it too good to believe it to be true! Would you care to take one on vacation? What if we say you actually could? Don’t miss seeing the castles of Neuschwanstein, Burg Eltz (33 generations and still in the possession of the actual lineage of owners), and especially our favorite, the Lichtenstein Castle which stands tall and mean despite being neglected quite a few times.


5) Carnivals, Festivals and Oktoberfest!

Karneval, Fasching or Schoduvel, don’t miss any of these carnivals while in Germany!

One look at Germany on the World Map and we think that it’s all about technology. Well, Germany never fails to surprise anyone. The country pats its back for the cultural richness it possesses! Take a walk down the streets during the Rose Monday parade in Northwest Germany or a day before in Southern Germany; it hosts and you’d be surprised at the grandeur in which Germany celebrates its happiness. One could miss anything but refuse to attend the grand carnival of Schoduvel (which literally means getting rid of the devil), which takes place in the city of Braunscheweig and its history goes as back as 1293. How can we skip this devil-riddance one?


Oktoberfest – Another term for overflowing happiness, some (read: major) overflowing beer and never-ending celebrations in Munich for a period of 16-18 days! Every beer aficionado from across the world wishes to attend Oktoberfest once in his life, and especially the travelling souls.

One of the beer tents at Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany.


Don’t be surprised to know that this beer tent could accommodate as many as 10,000 beer-guzzlers!

 Breathe the German air, gulp down the beer with their most-favorite companions – the wurst (they are the snacks to your beer!), drive down the autobahns (well, there are no speed limit for your vehicle) once and feel the adrenaline rush while you make your way down the slopes of Bavarian Alps when winter comes! We bet Germany will turn you over into a traveler, be it summer or winter, be it any time of the year.

Guten Reise!