(Last Updated On: January 3, 2017)

While there are many scenic pools around the world, the one that takes the cake away in terms of beauty and design are infinity pools, these pools are made so that they merge into the surrounding landscapes effortlessly without any clear cut edges or boundaries !

Glittering with the reflection of a million stars, or still like the surface of a lake, located in the midst of mountains or bang in the middle of a rainforest, they are treat to behold after the dull and arid landscapes of summer!

Fair warning, these are way too enticing to keep you in your seat!

Get, Set, Dive!

  1. Pamukkale, Turkey


    Image Source: cloudfront.net

    The natural terraced pools at Pamukkale in Turkey have been formed over the years due to calcite formations. Translating to mean a mountain of cotton in the local language, these are beautiful to the last syllable!

  2. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia


    Image Source: joepyrek– Flickr

    The Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls in Zambia just proves that nature has more surprises up her sleeve than we can ever hope to know.

  3. Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos


    Image Source: Jeremy Foster – Flickr

    The Kuang Si Waterfalls flow in the picturesque Luang Prabhang province of Laos in the South East Asia. These natural formations are comprised of beautiful turquoise pools situated one over another.

  4. Ponta Di Ferreira in Sao Miguel, Portugal

    m_Sao Miguel

    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

    Imagine how cozy it would be to just swim and soak into a natural hot water pool that flows directly into the sea! That’s exactly the thing you would experience at Ponta Di Ferreira in Sao Miguel, Portugal.

  5. Valley View hot springs in Villa View, Colorado


    Image Source: livesimplysimplylive.com



    Speaking of naturally warm pools, how about taking a dip at the Valley View hot springs in Viila View Colorado. Just a hike up the mountain will land you in the lap of nature that the pools comfortably reside in.

  6. Coogee Beach Tidal Pool, Sydney

    m_Coogee tidal pools

    Image Source: concreteplayground.com

    At the Coogee beach tidal pool in Sydney you can bathe in the natural rock bound pools that flow into the ocean! Safe and arguably one of the most accessible ones, these tidal pools are a treat for the sore eyes and bodies!

  7. Caldeira Velha, Portugal


    Image Source: David Stanley – Flickr

    The Caldeira Velha Pools in Portugal are another wonderful surprise when it comes to naturally formed infinity pools. These are located at the base of a waterfall in the middle of a rainforest.

  8. Viceroy Hotel Pools, Bali

    m_Viceroy Bali

    Image Source: tritmonk.com

    Bathe in the midst of unparalleled seclusion and natural beauty at the Viceroy Hotel pools in Ubid, Bali. Soak in all the fun!

  9. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

    m_Post Ranch Inn

    Image Source: Jack French – Flickr

    At the Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur, California, the infinity pools dive right into the huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Resist the urge to jump off though!

  10. Hacienda Na Xamena,Spain

    m_Hacienda Na Xamena

    Image Source: hottelling.files.wordpress.com

    At the Hacienda Na Xamena, in Porto De San Miguel in Spain, you will feel like you have been to heaven and back! So Beautiful is this pool that even we cursed our fates at not being able to jump right in.

  11. Blue Palace Hotel, Elouda, Greece

    m_Blue Palace Resort and Spa

    Image Source: lifetimediscovery.com

    At the home of beauty in Elouda, Greece, are the infinity pools of the Blue Palace Hotel! Pristine and inviting, they are designed for those days when you just want to be by yourself!

  12. Astarte Suites, Greece


    Image Source: rackcdn.com

    The landscapes at Astarte Suites in Greece defy all boundaries of beauty when it comes to infinity pools. The azure of the sky competes with the turquoise of the water and the sea to create an infinite landscape of blues!

  13. Cambrian Hotel, Swiss Alps


    Image Source: homedeas.com

    At the Cambrian Hotel in the Swiss Alps the infinity pools defy all imagination! Located in the lap of the snowy peaks,the pool is naturally heated right in the midst of silvery mountains. Immerse in the warmth and absorb the beauty!


  14. Kandalama Hotel, Sri Lanka


    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    In the very neighborhood of India, at Sri Lanka, the pool at Kandalama Hotel overflows with stunning beauty right in the midst of dense forests that cover the mountains.

  15. Rangalai Hotel, Maldives


    Image Source: travellermade.com

    How many blues can you count? At the Rangalai Hotel in the Maldives, it’s hard to imagine where the sea ends and where the pool begins. One thing is for sure decadence and luxury begins right here.

  16. Anantara Hotel Pools, Thailandm_4421724520_b837e4c893_b

    Image Source: Anantara Journeys – Flickr

    The Anantara Hotel Pools in Thailand will take your breath away with their unparalleled beauty and carefully and intricately designed floors.

  17. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    m_5302231364_e9fb5f3ca4_bImage Credit: smcgee – Flickr

    In the upbeat locales of Mexico at Puerto Vallarta the infinity pool melts into the sunny sea to create a canvas of pure beauty.

  18. Hotel Augustus Caesar, Italy


    Image Source: homewithinterior

    This is the Hotel Augustus Caesar in Italy, words will fail you if you want to describe the beauty. You’ll become a prune but never want to get out of the water.

  19. Tahitim_1892849813_4f437b4583_b

    Image Source: Duncan Rawlinson – Flickr

    In the beautiful environs at the beach capital of the world, Tahiti; soak yourself in this pool that comes with a bar attached. If Happiness had a face it would be this.

  20. Wildernest Resort, Goam_3966290410_b2b48bca5c_bImage Credit: Ankur P – FlickrWith all this stunning beauty, how can India be left far behind? At the Wildernest Country Resort on the way to Goa, in Chorla Ghats, The infinity pool melts over into the surrounding landscapes of mountains and sky!
  21. Kumarakom Resort, Kumarakomm_10+Amazing+Places+to+Spend+the+Holidays-9

    Image Source: squarespace.com

    Kerala is next on our list with the Kumarakom Lake Resort at Kumarakom! Imagine lying in a pool under the open sky surrounded by paddy fields of green? It’s enough to make a person get out and drive off to this stunning sight!

  22. Alila Diwa, Majorda, Goa


    Image Source: alilahotels.com

    Another gem of Goa is the Alila Diwa at Majorda. Not at a great height, but great environs is what makes this pool so beautiful to behold. Shaded by Coconut Trees, your escape here is rejuvenating and refreshing!

  23. Vivanta By Taj, Fort Kochi

    m_imagegenAt the Vivanta By Taj in Fort Kochi, the infinity pool is a stunning spectacle of opulence and grandeur. Can you resist it?

  24. Wildflower Resort, Shimlam_exterior-shot

    Image Source : oberoihotels.com

    The Wildflower Resort by the Oberoi roup in Shimla follows in the footsteps of the Cambria in the Swiss Alps to give you an experience of swimming in the midst of the mountains!

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  25. Kurumba Resort, Coonoor


Image Source: cdn.audleytravel.com

The best for the last, The Kurumba Resort in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu! We tried to come up with words to describe this amazing sight, But no! Our dictionaries are not profound enough! Just look, sigh and admire!