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For a true blue traveler, all that matters is to keep the wanderlust alive. Money matters, but it doesn’t stop you from experiencing something exhilarating! Time matters, but for things that you love to do, you’ll always find time, won’t you? It’s the month end, the job keeps you busy all day long and the pocket is lighter than it was at the start of the month; you want to get away, but can’t spend more time than necessary to travel far. What a pickle! Worry not!  Here it is, here’s a list of 15 things that you can do around Bangalore in less than 2,000 bucks! All that you will end up spending, is a great time!

  1. Embark on a trek to the mysterious BilikalRangnathSwamyBetta

    Bilikal Rangnath SwamyBetta

    At just about 90km from Banagalore the Bilikal Rangnath Swamy Temple rests on the a hill  in the lush thickets of Kanakapura. What makes this trek special is that, the temple is located underneath a huge hunk of granite, that makes it look mysterious and charming at the same time. Although it can be visited all year round the true beauty of BilikalRangnathSwamyBetta comes alive in the monsoon season when the flora here grow thick and put on a shade of vivid  green!

    Expect to shell out just about 900-1000 INR.

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  2. Go cave exploring at Anthargange

    Explore the caves at Anthargange

    The surroundings of Bangalore are embellished with some of the most interesting and picturesque rock formations, one of the most striking amongst them is Anthargange. Best experienced with a night trek over its rocky elevations, the landscapes of Anthargange provide some of the most perfect bonfire spots and open views of the night sky. While it’s stunning in the night, it’s no less pretty by the day. What’s more? While here, you can also explore and discover the secrets of its caves. You might even discover something that has been unexplored until now!

    For all this, you just need to shell out 1,000 bucks!

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  3. Explore the forests of Dandeli

    There’s no place like Dandeli 1

    Indeed, there are a very few forests that can boast of the natural diversity that Dandeli enjoys. Caves, rushing rivers, gushing waterfalls, lush green thickets of forests and unparalleled vistas of the evergreen forest, the Dandeli reserve has everything you could ask of a destination.

    There’s no place like Dandeli 2
    Embark on a camping expedition to this wondrous land, and you can surf the rapids with river rafting, take a short hike through the forest land and camp amongst the green environs! All this, and no guilt about spending!

    All this, and no guilt about spending as it costs anything below 1,500 bucks, isn’t that like a weekend budget?

    [Experience Dandeli Jungle Camp]

  4. Take home the true essence of Camping at Coorg

    Be enamored by the charms of Coorg

    If an experience with nature is what tugs at your heartstrings then camping at Coorg is for you! The gushing waterfalls whoosh past you, throwing a spritz of refreshment and rejuvenation. Relax in the lush environs of this picturesque valley beautified by sights of every color and spend the night amidst sparkling stars and warm crackle of logs of the bonfire.

    You can’t put a price on an experience so rich, but if we had too  we would say you just need to set aside 1,500 bucks.

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  5. Night Trek at KuntiBetta

    Water Sports at KuntiBetta

    The moonlit night presents a perfect setting to scale the height of KuntiBetta that was once the hideout of the Pandava brothers and their mother Kunti during the war of Mahabharata. Once at the summit, you can trek down to the lake Tonnur below and enjoy splashing about with water sports like Kayaking and swimming. Get, Set, Go!

    The best of both worlds at just under 1,500 bucks, get, set GO!

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  6. Explore adventure at Coorg

    Canter around in the valleys of Coorg 1

    If you are willing to spend 2,000 rupees anywhere then spend it on a camping experience at Coorg!  Coorg, or Kodagu, is embellished with thickly wooded slopes, green carpets of moss and grass and is even more beautified the warmth of its people. After a drive of just about 6 hours, you will have reached this tiny gem cossetted on the dales of the Western Ghats.

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    Canter around in the valleys of Coorg 2
    Take off on a trekking and adventure stay at the numerous campsites centered amongst the hills and mountains of the region like NishaniBetta, at the base of which lies Madikeri, also called ‘ Scotland of India’ due to its incomparable natural beauty!

    [Experience Camping In Madikeri, Coorg]

  7. Camp in the midst of nature at Bheemeshwari

    A tranquil experience at Bheemeshwari 1

    Lofty mountains, green valleys, snow white clouds and brown slopes all create the perfect red carpet to welcome you at Bheemeshwari. Located along the serene shores of the lake Cauvery, lies a perfect retreat where you can enjoy the offerings of this destination: Jungle Lodges.

    A tranquil experience at Bheemeshwari 2

    At a mere 100km from the main city, the lodges can be easily reached by road. Take a day trip or go off on a night stay and give yourself the experience of some of the best adventure sports at the lodges. You can even take a short hike of 4km to explore and discover the forests of Muthati.

    All this just under INR 1,800! Who would have thought?

    [Set off on a adventurous experience at Bheemeshwari]

  8. Camp in the paddy field of Wayanad

    Give in to the Wonders of Wayanad 1

    Kerala nestles among its boundaries, some of the most marvelous of natural bounties. One such gem is the plateau of Wayanad, or Vayal Nadu that translates to ‘Land of the Paddy Fields’ in the local language. A refreshing camping experience is what you can hop on to as soon as you make the 6 Hour drive from Bangalore to Wayanad.

    Give in to the Wonders of Wayanad 2

    Indulge in exciting adventure sports or simply relax with a spa and Pathanjali Yoga sojourn. So? When are you leaving?

    [Plan a Camping in Wayanad Hills ]

  9. Find a home in the middle of the forest at Chickmagalur

    Lose yourself in the forests of Chikmagalur

    Coffee-holics, ahoy! Chickmagalur and its lush green forest are also known as the ‘Land of Coffee’ in Karnataka. While its fragrant and energizing coffee plantations are famous all over the world, it is in its forests that its best kept secrets lay hidden.

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    Experience this and lots more of finest of forest dwellings at ‘Bison Canyon’ a quaint and charming homestay located right in the midst of woodlands. Encircled by gurgling streams, shady trees and calm and placid lakes this is one experience that will make you want to disconnect from life as you know it and reconnect with the natural wonders of the land.

    This rich vibrancy of the jungle can be availed at just under 2,000 INR!

  10. Trek to Ramnagara: The peak where ‘Sholay’ was filmed

    Feel movie like magnificence at Ramnagara 1

    Doesn’t the picture remind you of something? “YE haathhumko de de Thakur!” and the histrionics of Jai and Veeru, yes the very famous movie Sholay was shot here! The monolithic peaks of Ramnagara are indeed a sight to behold.

    Feel movie like magnificence at Ramnagara 2
    The craggy granite outcrop presents a perfect opportunity to enjoy a day full of adventure exploits. You can go ziplining, trekking, rappelling and even jummaring that will all lead to an experience worth writing home about! It’s also a great place to set up camps among the unique landscapes and enjoy the night with some bonfire and music.

    It won’t cost you anything more than 1,300 Bucks!

    [Set off on a adventurous magnificence at Ramnagara]

  11. Beat the traffic and cycle around the best sights of Bangalore

    Adventure on two wheels and a pedal 1

    The scenery around Bangalore presents one of the most ideal terrains to embark on a cycling trail. You can ride through the Ghats at Mekedatu and Mutthatti, both irrigated by the waters of the Cauvery River, but presenting diametrically different vistas.

    Adventure on two wheels and a pedal 2

    You can also pedal out to see the ancient ‘DoddaAlada Mara’ or the Big Bnayan Tree, which has been in existence for over four centuries! Or cruise to the wistfully beautiful Hesarghatta Lake, a manmade lake rich with a population of migratory birds. For those looking to see the world at their pace, these excursions are perfect!

    You won’t believe when we say this, but all these experiences can fit just under 800 bucks.

    [Book a cycling adventure]

  12. Jump in to the fun Jaladhama

    Soak in the beauties of Jaladhama 2

    If you are the one that is looking for an offbeat experience albeit on an affordable price, then Jaladhama retreat is waiting for tour. Rollicking on the charming backwaters of the Cauvery River, 125km from Bangalore, Jaladhama gives you that perfect hide away.

    Soak in the beauties of Jaladhama 1

    A gorgeous, quaint resort it offers a multitude of activities like river cruise, spa and a huge space for fun and games for the kids. Drown yourself in the spells of this destination to get a larger than life experience without having to spend a bomb!

    All this and more you can get way under 1,800 bucks!

    [Book a day out at Jaladhama]

  13. Camp on the lush thickets of Kanakapura

    Escape to Kanakpura 1

    Head to Kanakpura on your escapade from the humdrum of daily life! Located at a comfortable distance of about 55km from Bangalore, Kanakpura can be easily reached via the NH-209 and rests on the banks of the Arkavathy River in the RamnagaraTaluka.

    Escape to Kanakpura 3

    Offering stunning vistas of the surroundings around, there is no dearth of activities to do while you are here. You can indulge in water sports at the river, embark on a night trek to Kabbalah Durga, or simply let go and experience the charms of nature in a camping activity at Nature Adventure Camp.

    Without being too hard on the pocket, these experiences range anywhere between 900 to 1,300 INR!

    [Plan an escape to Kanakpura]

  14. Experience the fine art of Wine making

    wine there is truth! 1

    Truth be told, all adventures and experiences aside, what we all seek from our weekends is a sense of calm that only comes from giving up every care in the world. The wine tours through the vineyards around Bangalore give you the opportunity to do just that!

    wine there is truth! 2

    The weather conditions around Bangalore are perfect for nurturing and harvesting the grapes. Grape stomping, the preliminary step in wine making is something that everyone must experience once in their lifetimes. Drive around 70km to Ramnagara and indulge yourself with a much needed luxury break!

    We really can’t put a price on happiness but how does under 1000 bucks sound?

    [Book a Wine Tour]

  15. Explore the nocturnal beauty of Narayangiri


    A night trek to Narayangiri offers you the reward of every penny spent and every effort taken. Explore the remains of an ancient fort that towers above the surrounding landscapes at 3,845ft.  A craggy, broken wall almost encircles the top of the hill completely and it totally entrances you to a time that is long gone by. The night provides the perfect backdrop of mystery and allure, sparkling with pretty starlights and the moon. In this ambience, this hill fort totally takes on a new avatar of its own! If mystery and history is your thing, this experience could be yours under as little as 1100 bucks!

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