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“You can’t control the past, but you can control where you go next.” ― Kirsten Hubbard

Bali, Oh! Bali. This place has not only gained the attention of all lovebirds and honeymooners but has also been luring travelers and groups of friends who want to spend time with nature, relax at the beach, witnessing the stunning sunset and relish the local flavors. One of the most exotic vacation and trekking destinations of Indonesia, Bali offers adrenaline rushing activities as well as an opportunity to calm your body, mind and soul. The historic monuments and cultural spectrum of Bali add more excitement to your trip to Bali.


Ajinkya Wadhwani
, an entrepreneur from Jaipur, was looking for a sweet escape with his wife to leave the humdrum affairs of life behind. After a few days of research, he found the destination that would serve the purpose. He decided to surprise his wife by planning a getaway to Bali through Thrillophilia to rekindle the honeymoon phase of their married life and take a break from monotony.

“The journey started from Jaipur. After some frantic, last minute packing, we were all set and on our way to the airport. The airport formalities ensued, and then we were up, up and away!”

“With all connections cut off from the rest of the world (except for Instagram; my wife just cannot get off it), we reached Kuala Lumpur after a 5 hour flight, freshened ourselves with some much-needed coffee and prepared ourselves for the final leg of our journey.”


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Hello Bali, Hey Villa!



The couple couldn’t contain their excitement at the first glimpse of the inviting blue ocean water visible from the cloudy sky hundred feet above the ground. Even the two-hour-long wait at the immigration could not dull their kid-like excitement.

“We were received at the Bali Airport by this very interesting person called Ketut, who was to be our companion for the next few days. He drove us to our hotel, enthralling us with local Bali stories on the way.”

“We were amazed at the villa that awaited us at Uppala Villas and Spa, Umalas. It had a private swimming pool; a separate kitchen and dining area; a bedroom, and of course, a huge bathroom. It was the best hotel we have ever stayed in. The first day was relaxing; after a lazy lunch, we went for a walk admiring the scenic beauty that Bali offers in abundance and pampered ourselves at the spa.”


Sunset Colors



The most stunning view that Bali offers is that of the sunset. If you were to look at the images found on the internet, you will find no two same sunset pictures even if they were being clicked at the same place. That is the beauty of Bali.

“We woke up the next day feeling super fresh. After the mandatory swim in our beautiful, in-house swimming pool, we were off to see the Tanah Lot Temple. The view was absolutely stunning and it left us mesmerized. We came back, booked a 2-wheeler and set out to enjoy the sunset at Seminyak Beach. It was a beautiful sunset at a beautiful beach!”


Local Pleasures



To get a hint of the local culture and art, Ajinkya and his wife were taken to Bali’s famous destinations: Ubud. The couple took a tour of an artisan village and discovered the local art and crafts. While some pieces got their way into their shopping bags, the other pieces were left to be admired. After a spiritual visit to the Goa Gajah Temple and the exploration of the scintillating Tegenungan Waterfall, the duo took a turn towards the coffee plantation in Kintamani, a lush and green village located on the western edge of Indonesia. This place is famous for its coffee plantation, fruit orchards and spectacular rice terraces.

“The third day was our trip to Ubud, coffee plantation, Kintamani; and not to forget, some shopping. The Tegenungan Waterfall was breathtaking, the coffee plantation was very interesting, Kintamani was fascinating, and the shopping was awesome. It was a very eventful day and we enjoyed every bit.”


Beach Hopping



“We had to move to Nusa Dua the next day and said goodbye to our amazing pool villa with a heavy heart. Well, Nusa Dua was no less amazing. With its amazing beaches, a vibrant culture and the innumerable spas, it captured our hearts. Beach hopping was on our minds!”

“As soon as we reached our hotel, we again booked ourselves a 2 wheeler and set out to explore. We had a beach facing hotel and made the most of it. We hung out at the neighboring Benoa Beach for some time, and then went to Geger Beach. I can’t even begin to describe how inviting the blue water of the ocean was. We jumped into the water, played with the waves and had the time of our lives.”


Surf It Up!



“We went to the very famous Nusa Dua Beach and tried our hands at surfing. Well, it is definitely not as easy as it looks. After falling off umpteen times, I finally managed a very tentative half-stand kind of a pose. And my wife was lying face down on the surfboard the entire time. Well, that was her style of surfing.”

“There was one time when I feared the sea. The water was super calm at one moment, reaching our waist. And the next moment, three back to back strong waves that were twice our height pushed us back to the beach. The pebbles on the beach left us with scratches almost everywhere.”



“Then, we headed out to the quaint, beautiful and not very commercial Gunung Payung Beach after, and were dumbstruck at the view! It was a small beach, with calm white sand but the strongest waves. We were literally swept away and my wife lost her beloved sunglasses to the mighty sea! We were dead tired after being in the water the entire day, but could not resist paying one last visit to Nusa Dua Beach. The sunset was beautiful, as usual, and we left with a heavy heart but happy memories.”





“We had an early morning flight the next day, and our Bali trip finally came to an end. Words cannot do justice to the amazing time that we had, but the innumerable memories and the gazillion pictures that we clicked will be very close to our hearts till the end of time.”

That is how the magical land of Bali treated Ajinkya and his soulmate with immense love, and made the moments spent by the couple here unforgettable!

Words For The Readers


1. Take enough Indonesian currency
2. Take a lot of swimming costumes; a couple of them won’t suffice
3. Try Bintang – Lemon Flavor; it’s an awesome beer produced locally
4. Be ready for the strong sea waves – one moment the water will look calm and composed, the next moment you will see a wave taller than you
5. Apply for an international driving license
6. Try out Luwak Coffee. It is a must!
7. Bargain, bargain and bargain: at the spa, at the beach and everywhere!
8. Just keep calm and enjoy the awesome experience that Bali is!

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