(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

‘Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures.’

An adventurous soul could only find meaning in a vacation that tinkles with the threads of imagination to put a landscape in picture that verges on the door between reality and fantasy. If you can conjure the feeling of escaping into unknown contours of adventure, to live a life a little less ordinary, travel to Argentina for a complete overhaul of your bucket list.

Encompassing the glory of Andes, Argentina isn’t just one of the gems of South America but borders on the edge of land (literally) to keep you mesmerized every step of the way. The wandering traveller here finds a playground comprising of glaciers, grasslands, waterfalls, coastlines with a touch of tango and wine to catch up with the spirit of life.

Argentina is a hidden paradise replete with various mysteries to enthuse the nature junkies on the one hand and fire up the fancy of culture buffs on the other. Moreover, it comes without the usual ‘best time to visit’ tag attached, putting it in the league of those rare gems where a tourist need not give any second thoughts, just pack your bags to take your passport for a ride with a once in a life adventure!  



Let us take this opportunity to give you a tiny glimpse of the audacious world of adventure that Argentina unravels. A word of caution though, the images here may differ from the actual ones, because if you are overwhelmed with these, the real ones will leave you speechless.

1) Trekkers Call Argentina Their ‘La La Land’

In Argentina, trekking isn’t just an excursion to get an adrenaline rush, but a quest that unfolds a dramatic romance in its numerous trails. For trekkers, Argentinian landscape is an escapade to bask in sensational beauty as the cool breeze greets your face in the deceased silence of surroundings. Hiking boots here get some real action with the jagged peaks of Andes on Argentina’s west coast, while the treacherous trek is rewarded generously by nature for your endurance.

                Guess this is what the Path to Heaven looks like on Mount Fitz Roy Trek


2) Waterfalls Cascade Here till They’re ‘Jaw-Dropping’

The wonders of waterfalls transform this country into a bewitching tale of nature’s handiwork at it’s superlative degree. You may have seen numerous waterfalls, however, a visit to the mighty Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil will leave you in some serious want of words to describe the feeling.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! 


                        If you got to see the Rainbow, the Right Place is to be at Iguaza Falls


3) For a Dancer’s Feet, it’s the ‘Tango’ of Life

A musical genre born in the streets of Buenos Aires, Tango isn’t just a dance form in Argentina. It’s a way to express, to take pride in and indulge in a reverie with the rhythm. Today the tango continues to enthral everyone in Argentina from the streets to the theatres as you sway to the music with your partner.

Maybe a tango class to add another adventure to your Wishlist?

    Someone asked, ’What would be life without a little Tango?’. The answer came, ‘Life is like                                           Tango… Sad, Sensual, Sexy, Violent and Quiet.’


4) Wildlife Fans find the Best Company Here

Being blessed with a bounty of nature, Argentina is a paradise for wildlife lovers. For a wildlife enthusiast, the luxury of seeing the exotic animals and birds is an unmatched experience. In Argentina, wildlife fans can have their taste of adventure with the elusive jaguars, several penguins and the largest colony of elephant seal in the world.




   If human company bothers you, we believe you can get some new friends here…


                                       And probably some whaling action after that!


5) Wine and Dine Equals a Divine Adventure

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Argentina doesn’t let you go back empty handed. From red to white, the wine scene in Argentina is something to witness first hand (and taste too). And when we talk about the food culture here replete with flavourful dishes, let’s just only hope you have got a plan in place to burn your calories.

    Signature wines, dramatic landscapes and discounts. Are the wine connoisseurs ready?


6) Fun With Water gets a New Definition in Argentina

While the likes of Messi and Maradona have taken the sport of football to the pedestal in Argentina, the country continues to surprise the tourists with enthralling water sports. Along the beautiful beaches, people engaging in thrilling activities remain a scene to capture. Itching for some nautical adventure? Sailing, Surfing, Canoeing, Kayaking are just a few ways for an adrenaline shot in Argentina.

                                  A surfing dare in the sundry waves of Mar del Plata


7) And It Continues to Amaze with more exploits

Since adventure and Argentina go hand in hand, this country excels in throwing you off the feet. From the opulent boulevards of Buenos Aires to the ‘Devil’s Throat’ of Iguazu Falls, the aroma of cafes in Mendoza to some sexy tango and icy magic of glaciers to the end of the world at Tierra del Feugo, Argentina is wonderland of wilderness that exudes a unique charm.


             Let the Ice Age overwhelm you with a glimpse of Los Glacieras National Park


After you’re done with frozen adventures, if you ever wonder what the end of world looks like

                           You may find your answer at Tierra del Feugo in Argentina

Tourists can lose themselves in the wonders of Argentina at the edge of the world or continue to see the exciting opportunities that this beautiful land has in store. Nevertheless, Argentina is a destination that not only gives your bucket list meaning but also leaves you craving for more as you end up wishing every minute to come back and live the dream.