(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change life. For Shane Black, the decision of quitting a well-paying job was certainly not that easy. But, it was his passion to travel and his love for photography that boosted him to take such a big step.

Along with some other passionate photographers, who too didn’t’t think twice before putting down their papers, Shane began his quest for adventure. While travelling through 32 states, 13 national parks and after driving nearly 13,000 miles in United States, he realized that quitting his job was the best decision he ever made. This video speaks of his journey of adventure and thrill. This amazing trip brought out the best in Shane as it resulted in the completion of his time –lapse video titled “Adventure Calling”.

Beginning with a beautiful shot of star filled sky of the Badlands National Park, the video takes you on a tour through stunning landscapes of various national parks and valleys spread across United States. Within 24 hours of this masterpiece being posted on Vimeo, the video was handpicked as ‘Staff Pick’ by the National Geographic Channel.

It is always about believing in yourself, Shane’s story is an inspiration to all. In order to live your passion, you need to take risks and chances. It’s either now or never!