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Take a road-trip whenever you are feeling down with worries or high with excitement, not able to decide what to do or confused with which one to pick from the bunch, and you will always find a solution! These trips not only lead us to a newer destination but also introduces us to anew ways of celebrating every moments of our lives!

While talking about road-trips, it’s not only the roads that make it fascinating! Depending on our mood, necessity and yearning, different roads can attract us at different moments. The next time you feel or wish to go for a road-trip, here is the best list of 20 most amazing road trip experiences around the globe.

  1. Garden Route, South Africa

    m_Garden Route, South Africa

    The name of this route clearly suggests how serene it will be to go for a trip through the Garden Route. Running from the Mossel Bay to Storms River in Western and Eastern Cape, South Africa, this magnificent route is jotted with several lagoons, stunning coastlines and amazing beaches. For the adventure junkies, they can enjoy bungee jumping, cage diving with sharks, caving, ostrich rides and several other enthralling activities along the Garden Route.

  2. Icefields Parkway, Canada

    m_Icefields Parkway 1

    Also known as the ‘Highway 93’, Icefields Parkway is a perfect blend of rugged, smooth and stunning terrains. Running through two national parks: Banff and Jasper parks, on a trip through this route, you can enjoy the lush beauty around, spot exotic wildlife and delight in prismatic views from several viewpoints.

    m_Icefields Parkway 2

  3. California State Route 1, USA

    m_California State Route 1

    Starting from Dana Point in Orange County, the California State Route 1 or the ‘SR 1’ extends till Leggett in Mendocino County. If you are an ocean lover or have a weakness for the turquoise waters, you must take a trip through this route. Passing along the shorelines of the Pacific Ocean, SR 1 offers several scenic delights and camping spots as well.

  4. Great Ocean Road, Australia

    m_Great Ocean Road, Australia

    Originally constructed during 1919-1932, this stunning route in Australia was built by the war heroes in memory of the martyrs of World War I. Windy, surreal and passing through some of the major landmarks like the Twelve Apostles, the Great Ocean Road takes the pride of being a much sought-after driving route in the country.

  5. Romantic Road, Germany

    Romantic Road, Germany

    While on a trip through the Romantic Road, you will surely fall in love with the rustic charm of Germany for sure! A pictorial stretch of 350km between Wurzburg and Fussen, it was built in around 1950. Since then, the road has been playing a major role in Germany’s tourism sector and has attracted tourists from different corners of the globe.

  6. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

    m_Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

    Trailing right through the bosom of a mountain; how amazing that would be? On your way to the Guoliang hamlet of China, you have to make your way through this tunnel road, a 1.2km passage through the mountainside. Built in 1972, windows carved along the mountainside allows light to enter the tunnel and makes it for an awesome drive all the way!

  7. Ring Road, Iceland

    m_Ring Road, Iceland

    Encircling through the Reykjavík, Borgarnes, Blönduós, Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Höfn and Selfoss regions of Iceland, this is a route that anyone would love to trip on! Measuring a total of 1,322km, this scenic road also passes through some of the stunning tourist attractions like Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss and the glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón.

  8. Trans Andean Highway, Chile/Argentina

    m_Trans Andean Highway

    An international pass way, the Trans Andean Highway passes through Chile and Argentina. A true call of the daredevils, it is considered as one of the most adventurous roads in the world. Windy and rugged, the road originates from rocky-barren regions and advances towards snow clad peaks through some of the tunnels and sharp bends.

  9. Overseas Highway, USA

    m_Overseas Highway

    You might have heard about the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, but have you heard about the ‘Highway to the Sea’? If not, the Overseas highway is where you should be! Running over the Gulf of Mexico, this spectacular highway is also considered as an architectural marvel in the United States. A road trip though the Overseas Highway is all about the blue sky overhead and the turquoise waters underneath!

  10. Cabot Trail, Canada

    m_Cabot Trail 1

    Once you plan for a road trip on this 298km route, you will be completing an enthralling loop  over the Cape Breton Island in Canada. Finding its way through a lush mountain, the trail is popular among the outdoor lovers. Kayaking, whale spotting, hiking and nature trails are some of the delightful offerings of this scenic driveway.

    m_Cabot Trail 2

  11. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

    m_Gobi Desert

    At times, a simple road trip to nowhere is the solution to overcome everything! The Gobi Desert, with its unique climate, proves to be such a trail, where you can drive or ride keeping back all your worries and fatigues. Also, if you have that special adventure bone, you can also enjoy dune bashing, camel rides and off-roading as well!

  12. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

    m_Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 1

    As all says, no matter wherever you go, leave your footprints! But while on a trip in the Salar de Uyuni, you will be leaving your reflections behind. The world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia, the region is so untouched by the outer world that one can even see the the imprints of the sky clearly on the surface!

    m_Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 2

  13. Ruta 40, Argentina

    m_Ruta 40, Argentina

    The National Route 40 or the ‘RN40’ or the ‘Ruta40’ is indeed the longest route to take a road trip in Argentina. Measuring around 5,000km, this road is unpaved at places and runs through different types of vicinities. Well, this is also the reason; the RN40 attracts a large number of adventure tourists in Argentina.

  14. Atlantic Road, Norway

    m_Atlantic Road, Norway 1

    Winding through several smaller islands in Norway, the Atlantic Ocean Road proves to be one of the most stunning and enchanting roads in the world. Connecting the Karvag and Vevang settlements, this serpentine route comprises of several causeways and bridges.

    m_Atlantic Road, Norway 2

  15. Leh Manali Route, India

    m_Leh Manali Route, India 1

    If you are searching for a high kick of adrenaline kick, your search will end in the Leh-Manali Highway! Accessible only during the summers; May/June-October, this high altitude route that connects Indian region of Manali with Leh, is a paradise for the road trip- fanatics.

    m_Leh Manali Route, India 2

  16. Bulb Route, Netherlands

    m_Bulb Route, Netherlands

    Vibrant, bright and enchanting in its own ways, Netharlands is also known as the ‘Land of Tulips’. Driving through the endless patches of tulips in this country has its own charm and delight! The Bulb Route or ‘Holland Flower Route’ or the ‘Bloemen Route’ in Netherlands takes you through the colourful gardens of tulips for around 25miles and makes your journey memorable for not less than a lifetime!

  17. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

    m_Skeleton Coast, Namibia 1

    Any thrill lover will fall for this arid route in Namibia. Passing through the desert coastal regions of the country, the Skeleton Coast is known for its dry, arid and hostile conditions. Due to the shipwrecks found in this region, it was named as such by John Henry Marsh. At present times, it attracts road-trip enthusiasts from across the globe.

    m_Skeleton Coast, Namibia 2

  18. Viking Coastal Route 15, Mexico

    Connecting Margate with Ramsgate and finally leading to Pegwell Bay in Mexico, the Viking Coastal Trail passes throug rustic villages, churches and makes for an unforgettable road trip experience. While the Pacific Ocean lies on one side of the road, the other side boasts of the magical beauty of the desert and the rainforest.

  19. The Road to the Isles, UK

    m_The Road to the Isles, UK

    A perfect blend of fascinating hills, tepid beaches, lush and evergreen greeneries, spectacular meadows and stunning sea views, the Road to the Isles is a favourite driveway for the road trip junkies. Not just trips, this route also make it for a boat trips to the nearby islands, colonial visits, nature walks and lot more!

  20. Pan Amalfi Coast, Italy

    m_Pan Amalfi Coast, Italy

    The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A drive along the coast way is a serene, tranquil and extremely peaceful affair. While the azure waters along the coastline enchants the visitors with all their charisma, the captivating views of the mountains on the other side keeps them engrossed with fun and wonderment!

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