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India is a very versatile and multifaceted a country, every part of it offering some new adventure to see, some new place to visit. Ranging from the wonderful treks powerful and the bold mountain ranges of Himalayas, sky diving adventures in the west, hill stations and religious destinations of the south, proclaiming beauty of the Karst caves to the desert trips in Thar, all the varieties are found in one nation. With the brooding modern nation, you can savour all the adventures either in the midst of towns or surrounded  with the nature’s bounty.

In the mountains

– Mountaineering: Mountain treks are a very integral part of Indian tourism stretching all the way from Punjab to Arunachal Pradesh and offering a wide variety of adventurous activities all seasons. The k2 and the mount everest still remain the most famous mountain peaks to go trekking on. For all those people with cold feet, the rocky ranges of aravallis are best suited.

– Trekking: Nature’s bounty with all its water rapids and the beautiful waterfalls can be appreciated best through the mountain treks. The forbidden valley moon lake treks  in manali and the ladakh pathways still remain one of the best trekking destinations. For the summer lovers out there, trekking through the valley of flowers is apt while the snow lovers can enjoy the Chadar the frozen river trek in the Zanskar river, in Ladakh during winters.

The trip to downtown also has some thrilling adventure treks to offer. The treks of the Chembra peak in Kerala are well known for their beautiful scenic picture portrayals of the tea plantations in Kerala and the abundant wildlife and the end point of the trek demarcates the love lake summit.

– Mountain Biking and Cycling:

For all those who aren’t big fans of walking the stretches and would rather have themselves ride through it, the bike rides are a feasible and fun way to go about a trek. The Ladakh is the most sought after place by the bike riders as it’s the most popular amongst all treks but the raid de Himalaya is for all those who love going all in for the two wheeler sports in the race from Shimla to Leh, first week of October.

Ooty, Kodaikanal, Mahabaleshwar and Lonavla are the best known hill stations from the Eastern and Western Ghats, offering an array of cycling paths and picture perfect views on both the sides.

– Kayaking and White Water Rafting: The fast flowing rivers and rapids of the mountains offer exciting waterways for kayaking and white water rafting. You can combine adventure sports to heighten the thrill meter. Cycle or trek up the riverways and then kayak or raft down the rapid waters.

– Skiing: When high up in the snowy mountains and skiing becomes a must-do. The vast, undulating and smooth snowy mountain slopes of the Himalayas offer the perfect spots for skiing in India. However, Auli in Uttaranchal is the destination to swear by. The second largest slopes in Asia, even the Alpine Tourism Promotion Council (ATPC) considers Auli’s slopes to be the best in the world.

– Heli skiing: It comes at a price, but heli skiing is worth the bucks! Fly high in a helicopter to otherwise inaccessible slopes and leave your ski tracks behind with pride. The Himalayan slopes are again the perfect bet for this high-level adventure sport that is organised from January to April.

– Safaris: Yak safaris in the Himalayan region are a rage among visitors. You may have seen camels along city roads too, but check out this exquisite safari through the Himalayan desert on two-hump camels in the deserts around snow mountain Ladakh.

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On the plains

Camping: You can camp practically anywhere in India – high on the mountains, at cave openings, in deserts. It’s probably the best way to spend a relaxed vacation. You can camp when on a trek or biking tour, when caving, or simply just camp alongside a lake. Bedni Bugyal, Sar Tal, Gorson Bugyal, The Valley of Flowers, Har Ki Dun and Chopta are some fab camping sites in the northern hills. Sweeping across the Deccan Plateau of south India are a number of camping sites.

You can camp along the backwaters of Kerala, inside terraced farms and plantations and in the waterfall-jewelled forests. Eastern India offers virgin forests and valleys with their innumerable waterways to explore while camping, besides the rich cultural heritage of its tribal settlements. Travel west to the region around the Sahayadris and the pristine beaches of Goa for some fab camping sites. The numerous wildlife sanctuaries offer more than you can ask for with their natural camping habitats.

 Mysteries of the caves

– Caving: The caves of north-east and central India offer adventures of a totally different type. The Karst formed caves of Meghalaya are considered the best for caving expeditions in South Asia, filled with surprises like rivers, ponds and active wildlife thriving inside their dark confines. The Krem Kotsati cave, the largest in the Indian sub-continent, is 21.5 km long and is growing by the year. Cherrapunjee and Krem Mawmluh are other places worth exploring.

Then, there are the Ajanta and Ellora caves of central India, besides the Elephanta caves off the Mumbai coast, that mesmerize visitors with their well-preserved ancient art.

Sandy Expanse of the Thar Desert

– Camel safari: No matter how much you have grown up, the ship of the desert always enchants you. A perfect way to explore the Thar Desert in western India is by hitching up a camel ride. Climb up and enjoy the camel safaris that take you through the midst of nowhere in the vast sandy expanse. Enjoy the setting sun and its red thrown upon the sand dunes, while the wind gently blows changing dune patterns.

– Dune bashing: A perfect adrenalin push for the adventurous, dune bashing is a thrilling experience where you drive at high speeds up and down large sand dunes. While most parts of the deserts of Rajasthan offer this expedition, the Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer is a sworn spot for the best thrill ever.

– Wildlife Safari and Birding: Man and wild coexist with interest – always keen to understand each other. And that’s what the wildlife safaris have to offer. India and its vast biodiversity offer wildlife safaris with a difference. While you can travel in jeeps or on Asian elephants into the wilderness of Ranthambore to picture a tiger killing its prey, you can travel through the forest reserves of Kerala watching the peacock dance, deer relax and nilgais and hyenas sipping at lakes.

Fly high in the skies

– Paragliding:

Soar through the skies above mountains, rolling hills and lush green forests by paragliding or hang gliding in several places across India. While Kamshet is the most popular paragliding and hang gliding spot in the Deccan region, the top spots lie in the Himalayan region with Bir Billing in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh and Solang Nala in Kulu Valley. Companies like Wings and Flights, Nirvana Adventures, Indus Paragliding and Adventure Holidays offer paragliding training and organize the glide for you.

Paragliding in Bir Billing Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is most famous adventure sport in India. One of the best location in the region for paragliding in Bir Billing. Also, you can also go for the region of Manali for paragliding.

– Hot Air Ballooning: For a relaxed flight across the mountains, valleys and forests of India, opt for a hot air balloon ride. Gliding over nature’s beauty, this is an adventure sport for those who enjoy relaxed moments amid adrenalin gushing activities. Hot air ballooning is available across most of India today.

– Zip lining: The valleys of India offer the perfect spots for those who love to hang and glide across them. Just the picture of a rope holding you up, a raging river gushing hundreds of meters below you and nothing but rocks scattered here and there, sets the adrenalin rushing up. And when you actually zip line, it’s an experience you can only feel, not explain.

– Bungee jumping:

It’s one thing to climb peaks, it is another thing to jump off them. An adventure sport gaining much popularity, bungee jumping is offered in the Himalayan region, and the hills of central and southern India.

– Skydiving:

Fly high and watch the ground grow small, and then jump back and watch the earth throw its beauty into your face. That’s skydiving in India for you! You have not one but hundreds of places in India with varying scenic beauty that allows you to skydive a zillion times and every time it’s a new experience.

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