(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)

Adventure thrives in every part of the Indian soil. It sure begins right on city roads, and none can describe it better than Oprah Winfrey who said, “Driving on Indian roads is like playing a video game”. Thrilling to the bone, your drives across chaotic cities to its calmer, serene and green outskirts is filled with adventure and wonder.

There are people living life helter skelter, and there are beaches never left alone. But adventure never seems to stay away from these bustling spots of India.

On the streets

Autorickshaw rampaging: Ever dreamt you could drive an autorickshaw for adventure before? Well, dream now and watch it become reality. Simply participate in the Rickshaw Challenge organized four times a year by the Chennai Event Management Services. A hilarious way to explore the countryside and experience the crazy side of India, autorickshaw rampaging is something every Indian should experience in a lifetime.

Dirt biking: The next time you look at a kuchha or dirty road in India, don’t crib. For these form the perfect spots for dirt biking. Hire or grab your four-stroke bike and head to those dirty long tracks with their table tops and crazy pits, kick up the dust and enjoy a fabulous dirt biking experience.

Motorbiking and cycling: A perfect way to explore the cities, towns and villages of India is to do it on a two-wheeler. Get yourself a motorbike or cycle and ride across the length and breadth of habited regions, exploring their rich cultural heritage.

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 In the skies

Skydiving: Have you ever wondered how birds look upon cities from the skies? If no, then it’s time to JUST DO IT. Skydiving adventures are offered by government-recognised agencies in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. If you have 2-3 days to spare, train and jump by yourself, if not simply do a tandem jump with a trained skydiver.

Hot air ballooning: It’s one to bike through the city roads, and it’s another to watch it from high up in the air. What better way to do it than in a hot air balloon. Fly over the palaces of Jaipur and Udaipur before setting off on a dune bashing expedition in the deserts of Rajasthan, soar above Pushkar, watch the city of Delhi and NCR living an organized life despite the chaos, and don’t you miss the beauty of Mysore’s Dasara festivities from high up.

Bungee jumping: Jumping off high cliffs into valleys is a common thing. But have you ever tried doing it from high rises in cities? If not, then it’s time you give that a shot and watch people standing below stare at you with awe and admiration.

 Down under blue waters

Scuba diving: The waters off Goa, Karnataka, Andaman and Nicobar, and Lakshadweep islands offer the perfect spots for scuba diving. So jet set and amaze your senses with the colourful and fantabulous wildlife in the depths of seas.

Surfing: Conquer the waves with surfing adventures. Offered across the 7000-km coastline of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, surfing is an adventure sport fast gaining popularity.

Sea rafting: It’s one to raft down fast moving rivers of the Himalayas, and it’s another to let the high waves off the coasts of Deccan India raise you high up in the air and take you into its vast expanse in style in sea rafts.

Jet skiing/Water scooter: Zoom not just on roads, but even across the seas of India in water scooters. Strap up and challenge your partner to a fab race across the seas. Jet skiing or water scootering in India is available across all major sea destinations and sea resorts.

Banana boating: Step into an inflatable recreational boat shaped like a banana and paddle through the naughty waves of the sea in style. This adventure sport is offered across major beach resorts in India.

Yachting: There’s no better way to explore the seas than by travelling with wind power on a yacht. And what better way to train in yachting and experience the thrill of harnessing the wind and ruling the seas than with the Yachting Association of India.

 Water skiing: You may have skied down the snowy slopes of the Himalayas, like that of Auli. But it’s time to explore the seas of India through water skiing. And then there is of course water skiing available in the lakes of Dal, Nagin and Manasbal in Jammu and Kashmir for an experience with a difference.

Windsurfing/sailboarding: Combine surfing and sailing and you get a fab adventure sport – windsurfing. The best time to windsurf or sailboard in India is from November to April, though summers are equally good, though a wee bit hot.

Kite surfing: You mix wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics and you get one extreme water sport – kite surfing. This sport harnesses wind power to propel the rider across water on a surfboard.

While Indian cities offer adventure sports that thrill, check out adventure sports that you can enjoy amid India’s natural surroundings – high up on the hills, in the valleys, deep inside forests and through its caves – for a complete Indian experience. For this adventure travel websites like Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures help you find unbiased Travel Adventures to far off and exotic places, Destination Travel Guides to help with information on where you are headed and what to expect when you get  there.