(Last Updated On: January 9, 2013)

While movies are a good form of passing time, we believe they often visually provide us with glimpses of places and action scenes that provide a thrilling escape into adventure and daring. Our own film industry, though still a few steps behind its cousin across the Atlantic, has many a times offered us breathtaking or beautiful scenes that make us wish to either travel to a dangerous or adventurous place or try at some measure to get an opportunity to replicate what the characters on screen are experiencing. Although action movies have been around since the time of Fearless Nadia in the early 30s, it is off late that they have also started showcasing the spirit of adventure and adventure sports in them, these movies are also a reflection of the urge in the Indian people to desire and experience thrills that go beyond the normal and explore new realms of daring,  and with that in mind we present to you 15 Bollywood films that provide the requisite rush of Thrill and Adventure while watching them. Needless to say, most of these movies were released in the last decade…

1. Dhoom 2

It was a movie about beautiful and sexy women and well-muscled actors riding fast cars and bikes, but more than that it was a cinematic journey of adrenaline rush! The film begins with Hrithik Roshan Sky Diving on to a desert, and then furthers the action by surfing on the sand-dunes. And in the latter half of the flick, the action shifts to scenic Rio De Janiero, with the cinematography highlighting the natural perilous places that are very beautiful, the characters in the film perform a Cliff-Dive and the final confrontation happens on a dangerous waterfall. The first Dhoom was more about Bikes, but this film was about Adventuring through different terrains and providing both visual pleasure and edge-of-the-seat excitement to the viewers. Despite its lack of ‘critical appeal’ we would rate it high in showcasing Thrills.

2. Tashan

Akshay Kumar performing Parkour

It was a film that might have been the most awaited movie of the year, and to fans of cinema a tad bit disappointing. However due to awesome music and great camera work, the movie has over time attained a cult-following. This was a film that heralded the return of Akshay Kumar as an out and out action star. Apart from the beautiful locales that the movie offered, the action scenes that had Akki performing Parkour (an Art which you would have seen in his Thums Up ads as well as the recent ‘Aaj Kuchh Toofani Karte hain’ version)

3. Raavan

Perfect place for camping

Perfect place for camping

It was a movie that was more about Drama than action, but then it had its fair share of adventure. The whole list of characters traverses through a jungle in a terrain that makes you feel that the trip in Lord of The Rings was a walk in the park. And the director makes you visit places that you would really want to go and camp for a while, thick foliage of Jungle, serene grass patches surrounded by jagged dangerous rocks, a mysterious river, steep cliffs with wooden bridges and a waterfall (into which the eponymous character jumps, and then climbs back using vines from a tree on the rocks), the cinematography in the film was easily able to make you feel that you have been transferred to a different world, one where you would like to go just to experience the detachment from society.

4. Krrish

Hrithik performing stunt

Hrithik performing stunt

Krrish might have attained the Super-Hero status that he got in the film in Singapore, while jumping between trucks and climbing sky scrapers, but he showcased the true potential of his powers in the first act of the film, when he easily jumped between hills, climbed trees and ran across the slopes with Super-Speed in the town of Kasauli, far away from the relative Hustle-Bustle of Nainital. And this hilly setting is the place where his stunts got him in the eyes of Pretty women like Priyanka Chopra.

5. Pran Jaaye Par Vachan Na Jaaye

This old film might have action that looks outdated today, but it is one of the initial movies to use the menacing narrow flow of river between two Cliff-ranges in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur way before Kareena Kapoor floated there to heat things up. The hero and the villain fight in hand-to-hand combat atop a float in one of the Rapid sections of the river, a rocky-portion where two walls of stone tower on other side and the river frolics beneath, and this stunt was performed at a time when Special effects weren’t that good in India. it was a risky scene, and thus all the more enjoyable for the viewers to watch.

6. Dev D

Although we in no way condone alcoholism and substance abuse, there is a segment in this film that calls upon the adventurer in us. The lead character while facing a lot of troubles in his life, decides one day to turn-off and literally head for the hills. Due to a strange turn of events he becomes part of a bike ride that has him travelling on roads with snowy walls on either side, camping and drinking tea in forsaken places with awesome views, and leaving all his troubles behind. This is what all of us have wanted (and some of us have been able to) do in our life for sometime, escape the monotony of life, just get-up and go.

7. Khiladi 420

Although nobody would remember this last of the ‘Khiladi’ movies because of the rather obscure marketing and weird storyline that it had, but there is one everyone remembers, a scene in which Bollywood’s Best Known Action Hero (who is returning with the Khiladi Title this year, here’s to hoping that it would be good) pushes the bar for all the stunts that he had done till now, and sky dives. Of a Falling Plane. It’s a different thing all together to showcase a dive from a helicopter or from a planned exit in an Aeroplane, Akki showed why he is the best by executing this scene which showed the threat of a double ‘end’ to the audience, either by falling off the plane or by crashing along with it.

8. Qayamat

It was admittedly a copy of The Rock, but it did something few hindi films had done before. It used Diu as a shooting location. And it was great fun to watch the heroes and villains play Counter-Strike on a rocky-terrain, and on a fort, exchanging bullets and bombs near beaches and hillocks, if for nothing else, this movie made me want to go on a trip to Diu.

9. Blue

Akshay Kumar features a lot in this list of ours. And why shouldn’t he, as he actively dedicates his time and money to action/adventure both off-screen and on-screen (he hosts the Indian version of Fear Factor), and he also starred in one of the most expensive movies ever produced in India – Blue. It was a movie with great potential, part of which it exhibited in its action scenes, most of which were shot either on water (fast-boat rides) or under it (deep-sea diving), with a more plausible story line, this movie could have worked, but atleast the Stunts worked.

10. Koyla

Despite being a commercially flop film, this was a different flick. First of all, it experimented with having its lead actor (Shah Rukh Khan, whose star was rapidly on the ascent at that time) play a mute character. And secondly, it was shot in the mesmerizing (and yet unexplored) locations of Arunachal Pradesh. So we had a movie that would have been typical bollywood masala fare, but was still not Run-of-the-mill because all the ‘fight scenes’ literally covered new ground, these scenes were filmed in places that proved that you do not need to go to a foreign country to shoot a picture (something Priyadarshan doesn’t understand, hence ‘Tezz’)

11. Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara 

If you take the theme of travelling and having a good time with your friends, and add to it moments of self-discovery, you get this well-shot film which has three important adventure activities that are important to the characters because they want to conquer their fears. So there is an extended under-water diving scene, followed by Sky Diving as a sport, and then the most dangerous custom in Spain – Running With Bulls, people have actually been injured at times in the event but still even in this scary sport you get the excitement of escaping imminent danger narrowly, perhaps that is why it is practiced in Spain with a Religious fervour.

12. Don (Older Version)

Don was the film that cemented Amitabh Bachchan’s position as India’s top action-star. He had had fiery Angry Young Men roles in Zanjeer and Deewar, but it is with Don that the Director decided to showcase his awesomness to the maximum. The movie thus had one of the best car-chase scenes ever shot in Hindi Films, on both busy and barren roads near Mumbai. But it is not just The Big B’s action scenes that you remember in the film, the best stunt in the film was by the character ‘Jasjit’ who rope-walked while carrying his children between two buildings, and the fact that it was shot using the (already past middle age) actor Pran made it even more worthwhile.

13. Main Hoon Na

This was a movie produced by Shah Rukh Khan, who has often stated that he likes to do action roles more (although the public wants to see him as a romantic hero) and that is why most movies that he himself has produced has flying bullets and higher flying stunts. Main Hoon Na, the first hit of his production house was a movie that he made to fulfill this fantasy. It had him ‘FreeRunning’ on the top of a high College Roof as well as jumping across cliffs while chasing terrorists. It is sad that lesser people want to see his this avatar, but we for one would like to see him adventuring more and romancing left.

14. Ghulam 

Based on Elia Kazan’s epic film ‘On the Waterfront’ starring Marlon Brando, this was one of the rare instances wherein a remake is a good film. And it was primarily because of Aamir Khan, who played the role of a boxer. However, the movie is not famous for its boxing scenes (although the final fight scene is epic…) the one thing that people definitely remember is the Dus-Dus ki Daud, wherein Aamir Khan runs towards an on-coming train and jumps the side of the track as soon as the train nears him, with the distance that he has run being a parameter for success. It was and remains one of the best stunt scenes ever picturised in Indian cinema, and even the perfectionist Khan hasn’t been able to replicate anything like it again.

15. Don 2

Returning back to King Khan, another movie that he produced (and one that has gone on to become one of the highest grossing ever in Indian cinema), this was a film where he played an out-and-out Bad Guy. But he played a Villain with style and panache, along with a reckless sense of self preservation. That is why the film was replete with awesome stunts, the best two were a car chase through the streets of Berlin, and a bungee jump from a sky scraper to escape being shadowed.