(Last Updated On: March 30, 2015)


Importance of acclimatization:

Acclimatization is considered to be very essential for all types of activities which includes high altitude. An normal and inevitable process is measured to be acclimatization. It can take different timing for every individual. Normally people can get relaxed and adjusted prior to the hike on lofty peaks. It is considered as a process which is carried out while traveling to the of lands high elevation. This process will adapt to your body slowly, to the atmosphere with lower pressure. At elevations of lower altitude, most of the people would not want to carry out acclimatization. But at higher altitudes, they will have to go through it to ease with the climate.

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How do you Acclimatize?

Below you can find some precautions that can help you out:

  • During daytimes its Better to reside at lower elevation.

Its wise to get your body attuned with the higher altitudes and the climate.

  • Be usual when you reaching towards high altitude treks. Feel comfortable and try to take it easy during the first few days.
  • Avoid all types of alcohol or drinks.
  • Water should be consumed every hour. It can easily help your kidneys to flush out all the bicarbonates.
  • Try to keep yourself hydrated at higher altitudes.
  • Consume light food, having high quantity of carbohydrates and consume less fats and protein.
  • Do not pursue any type of remedies which can disturb your regular sleeping routines like sleeping pills.

Medications which can help to overcome acclimatization:

The availability of remedies for acclimatization is less but some of them will help you to overcome it slowly. Most of the times, fit youngsters tend to suffer problems when on treks at high altitude.

Diamox (Acetazolamide)

This can help you to breathe faster thus your body can produce more oxygen. This is considered to be very useful during night. Its Better if this medicine is taken 24 hours earlier to your hiking period. Consume it twice a day, one during morning and one during night. Continue this medication for five days at least for better results. This is sulfonamide drug, hence not for those people who have allergy to sulfa drugs.


This is a steroid drug that can drop-off your brain and other type of swelling by reversing the effects from AMS. This medicine can prevent the illness of altitudes. Prescription from your doctor is necessary; due to the extreme consumption of this drug can cause some serious problems. Diamox can be a good comparison for this drug. There is not any other type of medicines which have been tested with such importance for precluding AMS.