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                                                            As-Salaam-Alaikum Abu Dhabi

Around 90 miles away from Dubai, lay a city whose history of existence is known to be present right from 3,000 BC; when the thirst to conquer the Middle East and Eurasia was at peak. No doubt, today we see Abu Dhabi conquered well with technology, urbanization, literacy, infrastructure and holistic development of this warm yet fast-paced city. Abu Dhabi – A city whose stories are deep-rooted and endless like the desert; seem like mirage and yet the presence dances with physical ecstasy.


Marhabaan bikum fi ‘abuzabi or Welcome to Abu Dhabi

As a destination, stories have been etched on travel diaries by travelers about their friendship with the city locals, about their romance with the city’s adventure sports and ever-lasting marriage with the captivating culture here. Abu Dhabi is not just a destination; it’s the journey into the past and the future.

There’s a piece of cake for everyone here, families who want to spend a couple of nights basking in the summer sun, couple who want to flirt with their romantic lives and solo travelers who want to play quite a bit with their adrenaline rush; yeah, we are serious; Abu Dhabi has it all. Let’s look below at the different faces of Abu Dhabi, which offers travelers a bunch of amazing activities and sightseeing opportunities to engage in.


The Land

Abu Dhabi has been into existence since many centuries, and it has tremendously evolved since then. Here, find certain must-visit places in Abu Dhabi, which will leave you travel buds tantalized.


                                                           Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Imagine entering into a sphere big enough to support 50,000 people where the non-tangible speakers echo love, curiosity and religion and the tangible ones spread sermons of the Quran; which pulls you over to a parallel spiritual world going on. We find it no less mystic; the way the beautiful walls and floors of the Grand Mosque have been made up of Macedonian and Greek marble (did we mention more than 100,000 tons were used?); with semi-precious stones laid tucked in between, stones like lapis lazuli, red agate, amethyst, abalone, jasper and mother-of-pearl.

If in Abu Dhabi, the visit is completely incomplete without entering the realms of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which till date, stands super-strong with its supreme Islamic architectural grandeur.


     Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque will leave you mesmerized, believe us.


1) Ferrari World

Everyone, believe us; everyone has to go to Ferrari World once in a lifetime. Painted in red and flanked by the fastest roller coaster in the world which goes as fast as 250 kmph in 4.9 seconds (woahhh), a bunch of fancy Italian restaurants and the biggest Ferrari store in the world; the Ferrari World is a dream-come-true if you want to poke your adrenaline-pump even to a little extent, or let the kid in you come out! Well, the choice is certainly yours.


                                                   It’s now or never, ever, ever, ever!

2) Yas Waterpark

What’s a country with tropical desert climate without a Yas Waterpark? Okay, we are not talking about ‘let’s-beat-the-heat’, ‘come on-it’s summers’ or ‘yay-let’s-go-to-the-water-park’ here. We are talking about a day of adventure splashed with tidal water, dancing your mind away like there’s not going to be a better tomorrow.

Splash, shoot and shout – The Yas Waterpark is going to get you all out (of your minds)!

Yes, the Yas Waterpark does that to its visitors. Let’s talk why – world’s first and largest hydro magnetic powered six-people-tornado slide which is going to shake you away while you come down from a height of 235 meters, world’s largest surfable sheet wave for flowboards and waterboards where the daredevils face a 9m high wave; and lastly, the Bandit Bomber, where the war of waters happen with armors of water bombs, laser lights and water jets!

The Sea

Abu Dhabi has always been romanticizing with the sea, and is the playground for all sorts of activities; and we mean all sorts, literally. We’re talking wake-boarding and kite-surfing; cruising and kayaking; and sailing and speed-boating; and much more.

1) Corniche Beach

Ever heard of a beach which has different sections for different segments of visitors; singles, families and a general beach? Well, it is also no surprise that Corniche Beach has been flagged ‘Blue’ for its conscious efforts to keep the waters pristine blue and hygienic, and safe for bathing. The beaches are as blue as blue goes, and the number of restaurants on the coastline offers amazing local and international cuisine to the travelers.

   Should you feel like pristine blue, the Corniche Beach is the answer.


2) Mangrove National Park

We all thought Abu Dhabi and Dubai are just concrete jungles, didn’t we? Head on to an evening of kayaking into the Mangrove National Forest, think about sleeping under the stars and some warm barbecued meal! Feel yourself closer to Nature and the best part is that these tours do not even pinch your pocket. One could easily undertake such tours starting from $54 (just kayaking) to $123 (with an overnight stay and BBQ).

Finally, a night dedicated to open skies, blue waters and barbecued food is up your alley during your visit to Abu Dhabi!

 The Mangrove National Park, Abu Dhabi’s answer to Nature and its treasures.


2) Nurai Island

The Sea is incomplete without the visit to Nurai Island, heaven on Earth – located on the pristine water body of Arabian Gulf, and directionally east to Abu Dhabi. The Islands soak wet with the feeling of serenity, quiet and love, and calls out deep from the heart to all the nature lovers. It’s a paradise to stay in, and we doubt who wouldn’t want to?

Do not forget to check out the 32-bed boutique private island resort that Nurai Island holds tight in her arms. Wait, we’ll help you here!


    Aerial View of Zaya Nurai Island, a private boutique getaway at Nural Island!


The Desert

Though there was no rain and no vegetation and minimal human settlement, Abu Dhabi’s deserts stand strong in their stride. With endless activities and UAE’s flavor worth tasting, it sure is worth an once-in-a-lifetime visit, well, at least once? Come on now, we wear our hearts in our sleeves while we write this; trust us!

1) Arabian Nights Village

There was once a time machine. They hid it at the entrance of a certain village, a village which is strongly guarded by Zakher and Al Manhal, two watchtowers right at the start of the village; the village called Arabian Nights. Transport yourself into the era where you turn into an Arab dweller, and get to choose from four different sorts of ‘housing’ – Bayt Al Shaaer (Bedouin tents), Bayt Al Bahar (palm houses), Bayt al Bahar (desert houses) and lastly, the majestic Al Manha (The Fort Tower).


   The beauty called Arabian Nights Village.

Let the time machine transport you back into reality; and the 200 square meter swimming pool awaits you to cool yourself in after you have heated your adrenaline through activities like dune bashing, quad biking, camel rides and much more.

           The mystical nights at the Arabian Nights Village, Abu Dhabi

 2) Sand Boarding and Skiing

When we hear the word skiing, ice and snow and everything wow comes to mind. Ever thought if you could do the same in the sands of Abu Dhabi? The Liwa Oasis dunes welcome everyone; from novice to experts to come and glide down those humongous dunes, like there’s no tomorrow! Abu Dhabi never fails to surprise; point noted. Here, check it out below.

                                         Duning-down on the Sand board near Liwa Oasis.

3) Desert Safari and Camping

The Desert Safari and Camping are a charm in itself. They turn back time, and make you witness magic; a magic which enchants you with the spirits of Arabian Nights, bonfires, BBQ’s, Shisha and much more .

           The beautiful desert camping at Al Khaznah

We recommend that before you turn time and leap onto a session of Arabian night; take your adrenaline rush for a ride with dune bashing, quad biking and sand skiing in the magnificent dunes of Al Khaznah!