(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Do you like the idea of free-fall? Does the magic of gravity fascinate you? A man has left no stone unturned to render a lifetime experience to those who like to play with their adrenaline volumes. Skydiving is an established adventure sport around the world, and it does not only offer a free-fall venture but an opportunity to look at the Earth from a bird’s eye, floating amidst the clouds. To experience this extreme adventure sport, you have to be a risk taker, but what the experience gives you is more than you can ever imagine. The feeling of floating above the clouds and seeing the world’s beauty from a bird’s eye; you have to do it to believe it.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are the top 8 drop-zone destinations around the world to book now:


1) Dubai

Dubai, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf is a must visit for all hoping to gawk at the tallest and biggest man-made free-standing structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa,  and if that’s not tall enough for you then why not drop out of a plane?



Dubai hosts the biggest annual international skydive championships and has a unique drop zone as you would be gliding above its city and will be awed by the beauty of the Palm Jumeirah.

Don’t imagine the beauty of the urban marina, try it for yourself! Book now at the most affordable prices, just for you.

Dubai also has world famous desert safaris. To know more, click here

2) Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain and is widely considered one of the most spectacular sights for skydiving. And why wouldn’t it be? Free falling off a plane into what looks like an ocean of snow is definitely the skydiving adventure for a lifetime.


3) Mysore, Karnataka

One of the most popular destination spot for enthusiasts and definitely one of the best skydiving drop off in India. The city gained popularity hosting several skydiving camps all through the year.



Fly like a bird amid the winds and enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscape below and you would agree that Mysore is truly one of the best places for skydiving in India. Book now

4) Pondicherry

A gorgeous town known for its notable French colonial influence has been the perfect backdrop for adventure seekers like you. Since 2012, they have been hosting the most frequent skydiving camps across the country with more and more footfall every year.



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5) Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

A must visit for every adventure freak out there and definitely recognised as an epic fall as you jump over the Valley.

Currently, only 10,000 feet tandem jumps are provided here. So, skydive and celebrate as you enjoy the most thrilling experience of your lifetime.


Sky diving

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6) Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

The birthplace of the first ever skydiving camp in India, Dhana (Madhya Pradesh), is a beautiful little town close to Bhopal. You can opt for a variety of jumps in Dhana, ranging from tandem jump to static line jump, from a height of 4000 feet above the ground.



7) Deesa, Gujarat

Quaint lakeside city in Gujarat, with a big tag of being one of the best skydiving destinations in the country. It doesn’t matter if you have never skydived before, or even if you are a hard-core expert, there is something new for everyone here.




8) Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

This free fall is something that you just cannot miss! Combine the fun of a helicopter ride and the thrill of a tandem skydive over the spectacular Swiss Alps and we bet you can’t have an experience like this anywhere else.

switzerland skydive

The Helicopter Skydive flight will take you over Glaciers of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland and you will be free falling into the most beautiful skydive location on earth, the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Once the parachute opens, you will fly into a valley of waterfalls.

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Happy Flying!