(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)

We’re forever connected, so much so that the future Black Mirror predicts is not far off. We’re working 24/7, in a complex grid that includes personal and professional lives. No wonder then that world over, people are doing crazily extreme things to unwind and detox. Here are only some of them.

1) Use social media wisely.




What do Aziz Ansari and Ed Sheeran have in common? For starters, they’re both highly successful in what they do. Ansari’s Master of None is coming back with the third season and everyone in the world and beyond is humming Shape of You. Are both of them successful because they gave up social media? Maybe. Maybe not. The question is would you do it?


2) Going back to a ‘non-smart’ phone


Going back to a ‘non-smart’ phone (1)


Okay, this one is really scary. We would happily go back to a brick-like prehistoric phone but we would really miss not having Google Maps! Also, someone please tell these people Whatsapp is amazing when it comes to making plans! Experts believe that while smartphones are great for connectivity, they’re not making users any smarter. We would put you in touch with some folks who are doing this in life, but we’ve been trying to reach them on WhatsApp and there are no blue ticks yet.


3) Riding to the Himalayas. On a scooter!




You might say it’s impossible for a Scooty to safely ride in the mountains but we happen to know some people who have been there, done that and are planning yet another trip to the mountains. Interested? All you’ve got to do is sign up on their registration form. If you get in, they give you a Zest 110 that you ride upwards from Manali. The best thing about the ride? Apart from the fact that it is free? That there will be no phone network up there! Detox is certain.


4) Taking a dip in a sensory deprivation tank


Taking a dip in a sensory deprivation tank (3)


This one sounds totally cuckoo. Imagine a tank with ten inches of water with so much Epsom Salt in it that you float! Now, wear ear plugs and turn off the lights. Some people call it floatation chamber. Others call it an isolation tank. Mankind has always believed that meditation and self-reflection are the best ways to peace but this is kinda pushing it, don’t you think?


5) Giving up talking for days


Giving up talking for days (2)


This is just ridiculous. Why would anyone want to stop talking? ‘Kya aapne maun-vrat dhaaran kar li hai?’ is only for the movies! But there are people who swear by the technique. Nothing brings you closer to yourself than distancing yourself from others. Wow, that almost sounds prophetic.


6) Beer Yoga. Whaaa??


525440103 (1)

Caption:  “I’m very much into Yoga. I do shavasan in bed.”


We know the adults are reading so we’ll say that we do not condone alcohol consumption. But beer yoga is awesome…we mean…bizarre. What will we hear of next? Bubble-wrap Taekwondo? Or Panda Costume Sauna? Who knows, maybe we’re sitting on the next big idea.


7) Past-life regression Therapy.




Let’s move on, Mandrake. Well believe it or not, there are plenty who believe in this extreme kind of hypnosis that relieves any leftover angst you might have from your last life. Totes crazy but people do it.


8. Get devoured by fish


Get devoured by fish (3)


Fine, we made it sound like piranhas attacking you but you’d know these tiny fish as Doctor Fish, your favorite pedicure person’s assistant. We’re not sure how feeling ticklish can help detox but because most people laugh when they get tickled, maybe that makes them feel good.

While all of these require planning and effort or needs you to go somewhere, you could sign up to go to the mountains right now, while you read this. So put on your adventurous socks and get ready to  detox.