(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

All of us living in Singapore know how we often get caught up in that monotonous corporate lifestyle. If asked, how difficult is it planning that perfect getaway with your family, away from all the deadlines and emails- we’d say, very! What’s holding you back? Book a trip for honeymoon in Singapore or a trip with your family and friends now and experience the whole new city.

So, we, at Thrillophilia, decided to make it easier for you and recommend 5 of the best – and the cheapest – holiday homes, not too far from Singapore. These selections won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And, as for you and your family, you can thank us later.

1) A 3-Bedroom Villa with a Private Pool in Bali, Indonesia

At an average price of SGD 212 per night, you really cannot go wrong with this one for average-sized families. Especially, when you consider that it has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate upto 6 guests.


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But it’s not just about the price. The villa itself is located at a 15-minute drive from the famous Tanah Lot Temple. If you are keen to find some place closer to home, you have the Nyanyi Beach, for that much-awaited beach time. Or, you can just laze around at the villa itself, and soak up the magnificent view of the rice terraces of Tabanan.

Why do we recommend this place?

Apart from the low cost and exotic location, the villa also has some excellent amenities. There is an outdoor private pool to celebrate those special family moments. And, the entire villa area comes with Free Wi-Fi access, in case, your children feel the urge to go searching for any Pokémon nearby.

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2) A Spacious Loft with an Ocean View- in Boracay, Philippines

This loft-style apartment is located on a hill, so, it may not be the ideal choice if you are traveling with elderly or handicapped people. But if that’s not a problem for you, it’s time to say hello to one of fascinating villas that we could find along one of the most beautiful beaches of the world: Boracay, Philippines.


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At an average price t of only SGD 144 per night, there is no doubt about the cost-effectiveness of this place. Although there is only 1 bedroom, it is quite spacious, and actually, has 2 large queen-sized beds!


Why do we recommend this place?

The cost is only one of the reasons. The facility itself is another. Blessed with an unbelievable view of the Boracay Sea and a swimming pool (Let’s remind you, the pool is 4 meters deep. So, make sure you know to swim). Apart from the usual amenities like Wi-Fi and Cable TV, you can also enjoy an early morning sunrise, or a full moon at night in the pool. Sweet!

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3) A Duplex with a City View in Seoul, South Korea

Are you getting tired of the beach landscapes around South East Asia? If so, why not take a trip to the land of Kimchi and K-Pop(Korean Pop), to soak in a different cityscape? Time for you to swing by Seoul, because we found something exciting for you there!


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Located just 200 meters away from Seoul subway station, you will find that this apartment is right in the middle of the city. The duplex is spacious and can fit 9 people in a single room, while giving a spectacular panorama city view, without having you to leave your beds! All of this, for just SGD 122 per night!

Why do we recommend this place?

Seoul subway station is close to everything! And the owner is quite friendly and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that you have a comfortable stay. All the furniture is brand-new. Within 1 duplex room, there are 4 queen-sized beds for you and your family, making it perfect for mid-sized families. And, have you heard of any homestay owner giving you – apart from the free Wi-Fi inside the room – a portable Wi-Fi for you to take during your sightseeing? This guy is just incredible!

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4) A Condo by the Beach for 2-in Pattaya, Thailand

We decided to pick something for every kind of family in this listicle. So, if you are a DINKY(Double Income, No Kids Yet) kind of family, just looking forward to spending some quality time without losing too much moolah, fret not! We got you covered in Pattaya, Thailand too!


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This condo flaunts itself as ‘luxury’, but when you see an average price of SGD 56 per night, you come to understand that luxury is indeed affordable. The rate includes 21% service and government taxes but does not include the electricity consumed which is charged 0.24 SGD per unit. This 94 sqm., the 1-bedroom condo can definitely host 2 people, and additional guests are not charged as well.

Why do we recommend this place?

The condo has a fully equipped gym, a king-size pool and a large balcony with partial sea view. And the location is perfect, with just a 10-minute walk to get you to the beach. Within 100m of the condo, you have everything, from public transport to restaurants and bars.

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5) A Holiday Home, Closer to Home in Penang, Malaysia

So, maybe you are not in the mood to go somewhere far away. Well, that shouldn’t be an excuse anymore to sulk at home as we also found some amazing family homestays for you in Malaysia. Especially if you have a large family, we are sure you are going to love this one! Or rather, your family is going to love this one!


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With an average price of only SGD 211 per night, you will be surprised when we tell you how many people can fit in this homely bungalow in Penang. It is around 16 people! That’s right! With 6 bedrooms, this is exactly what the doctor ordered for you and your extended family!


Why do we recommend this place?

Penang Island has several beautiful beaches and idyllic scenery of Georgetown UNESCO Heritage site. And, this homestay – with a huge garden – is more spacious than we can describe. The design itself is intended to give you a feeling of ‘home away from home’.

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*Actual prices for your selected dates may vary from the average prices shown above. Average prices are accurate at the time of publishing this post.