(Last Updated On: December 6, 2016)

Ladakh, has always been ‘Biker’s Paradise’! With its postcard perfect landscapes, dramatically rugged topography and endless curves adorned with colorful prayer flags, Ladakh, has surprises awaiting travelers in every nook and corner.

For most of us this idyllic destination serves the purpose of rejuvenation and is certainly an impeccable place offering ‘break from the routine life’. However, have you ever wondered what we have given this placid land in return for all these benefits? Money! Well, there are ample things that money cannot buy – things such as smiles on young monk kids living their simple life, things such as small joy of life that either these people cannot afford or are just not accessible in this remote land.

Someone has rightly said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”, a team of two friends – Varun Gupta and Vijay Nagar have taken the situation in their hands and are running Ladakh Marathon 2016 for a cause and have adorned this as an opportunity to give back to the society.13063179_1218275101518727_1981556832459623879_o

Image Source: www.facebook.com/lightingupindia/

These friends will be running 21 Km in Ladakh on 11th September 2016 to raise funds to buy solar laltern which cost Rs.350 each and will try to replace it with kerosene lamp in every poor man household. Often people without electricity use kerosene lamps as their only substitute for artificial light, however, these lamps have adverse effect on their health leading to severe diseases.13217434_1234340569912180_5448726709549822284_o

Image Source: www.facebook.com/lightingupindia/

Solar laltern has multiple benefits which can help a family earn extra income by working beyond sunset. It is simple to use and easy to operate, one has to just put the solar panel at the roof and connect it with the device. During the day it will get charged and at night you can put it to use. Lastly, it doesn’t require any maintenance or recurring cost as in the case of the kerosene lamp.13131069_1223372481008989_6204260178666645490_o

Image Source: www.facebook.com/lightingupindia/

Both of our heroes have already been running their solar initiative under the name “Lighting up India” where they educate people about the solar energy in the areas where there is less or no electricity. It needs real commitment and hard work to proceed with such a humble initiative – Not everybody is born with this fir in his heart, but one thing common in all of us is ‘Humanity’. A mere donation of 350Rs, will lighten up one house. Lighting up India plans to provide solar lalterns in 2000 homes in Ladakh – these guys are ready to push their limits, what are we waiting for? Let’s give the crown of India the desired shine that it longs for.