(Last Updated On: February 24, 2014)

With the hectic paces eating into time, we give you guilt-free reasons to take that team outing. From getting to know the new members of the team better to celebrating a big merger, ushering the New Year high on team spirit to boosting company morale after a stressful period, we list 25 occasions that are ideal for team outing.

1)     New manager of a big team

New Manager


Photo Credit: Ted Goff

What better way to bond with your new manager than on a team outing? Step out of the confines of an office set up. Break the ice over fun games; get to know him in a relaxed environment and vice-versa.

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Look forward to a positive boss-employee relationship thereafter.

2)  Employees who have completed five years

Employee complted 5 years

Celebrate the loyalty of your employees and motivate others in return by taking them on an exciting Eco Trail team outing. The fresh and pristine settings offer the ideal setting for merriment. Enhancing the experience is Zip-lining and fun team activities.

3)     Many new people have joined

New Joining

Team unity does spill into a successful work relationship and when new faces grace their presence in the office, it is time for a team outing.

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And all the unity and collaboration that has been formed in winning the games can be used in achieving your work targets as well.

4)     Company has won an award


Winning a company accolade calls for revelry with the entire organisation that has made it possible.

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You can celebrate by an offbeat adventure team outing and indulge in fun and innovative activities that reiterate the effect of the magic that team spirit can achieve.

5)     Happy with the team performance


It feels nice to be appreciated, especially after long hours of work. Treat the high performers with an exciting excursion. Let the employees realise that hard work never goes unnoticed and is always rewarded.

6)     Company anniversary

Cheer for the many milestones that lay ahead. The anniversary of a company is no small feat and deserves a regal team outing.

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Be it by the peaceful beaches, refreshing nature trails or verdant mountains.

7)     Ushering in a New Year

New Year Celebration

Bring in the New Year high on team spirit and a desire to excel in the company could be another occasion for a team outing. The off-beat and adventure group activities provide an ideal set up for revelry. It would offer the idyllic getaway from the hectic pace of everyday life.

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Also, the destinations and experiences provided by the team outing would help in the employees staring the next year with a fresh and charged mind-set.

8)     Celebrating the success of the year gone by


Great company moments need to be noted for inspiration and motivation. Give further incentive to the employees. Celebrate the success of the year gone by in verdant settings and motivational activities.

9)     Completion of a new project

Project completed

Reward the work staff after a completion of a new project. Providing a perfect sojourn would be a team outing in one of the pristine beaches of the country. On one hand they can engage in group motivational activities and on the other hand they can enjoy adventure sports like kayaking and water sports and also pamper themselves at the spa.

10)  A small break, post a stressful period


As much as people love their work, all need a small break, especially after a stressful period of tight deadlines. Heading to a new environment will offer a fresh perspective and activities held will enhance employee skills.

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11)  To felicitate employees, club award function with team outing

Team Outing

Instead of a regular five-star hotel, imagine felicitating your employees amidst verdant settings.  Club the award function with a motivational team outing for a memorable experience. The outdoor setup and beauty of sublime waterscapes or charming mountain ranges would add to the entire experience.

12)  To announce something big


Be a huge merger or something equally big, make the grand announcement while having a gala time with the team outing.

13)  Workplace Promotions

Workplace Promotion

Embark on an adventurous occasion for  team outing and get promoted amongst exciting team activities and trekking. It will be a promotion that will be remembered indeed.

14)  Getting to know the different teams of the company

It is hard to get pally with people of different teams of the company, especially when you sit in a separate cubicle and barely interact with them.

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Go camping with the office folks and mingle over the forest clad slopes and reveal fascinating tales about each other over the splendid bonfire.

15)  Celebration of failures

Celebrate Failure

Who said that only success needs to be celebrated? There is a lot to learn from failures as well. Motivate the team by taking them to a wildlife adventure outing. Not only will the experience be exhilarating, but the team building activities in the wilderness will teach them about surviving against all the odds with team unity.

16)  Many birthdays in one month

Birthdays are always a good excuse to celebrate and can also act as another occasion for a team outing. Have many birthdays happening in a month? Take the fiesta up a notch and outdoors. Yes, the traditional cake cutting will be there, but in the most scenic of places, amidst enjoyable activities and the cheers of your office fellow mates.

17)  Employee appreciation day


As the name suggests, this day is dedicated towards the employers across all industries Held on the first Friday in March, it calls for an adventure and thrill filled trip with the firm, don’t you think?

18)  Team outing for appreciating the manager

Appreciation of manager

For a change, instead of the higher up providing a team outing, how about the grateful juniors organising one to show their appreciation as a team? After all, they too deserve a fun getaway.

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19)  Retirement of a senior

Retirement Of A senior


Photo Credit: 2010 Big Cheese Coaching

Commemorate the retirement of the loyal and able senior. Head to one of the quieter team outing destinations and cherish sweet memories with the company. Amidst team activities exchange speeches of what the senior meant to the employees. An ideal send-off!

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20)  Company retreat


Not just any regular retreat but one to remember employees who have done really good for them and motivate the others in the process. The team activities will further drive across the point of importance of unity and coherence for a successful output.

21)  Launching of a new product

New Product Launched

Launching a new product is one of the other occasions that deserve a company excursion.

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Unlike the regular office meeting which would incur a different mind-set, the set-up with a team outing would be different to the regular one. Hence it is more likely to grab people’s attention.

22)  To build team member’s morale

Build Morale

The team-outings are especially custom-made by professionals for the corporates with the aim of enhancing employee skills.

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The ingenious games are fun on one hand but also therapeutic and highly effective on another. The specialised activities along with thrilling adventures in the most beautiful places make for the best way to build team member’s morale.

23)  Office changes

Office Changes

Announce the office changes in a grand way and when on a team outing. Be it change of venue or that of partnership. Welcome what is what is about to come with a positive outlook.

24)  Raising awareness


Raise awareness about company policy, charity proceedings or any other big coup with an exciting excursion. The point will be surely be noted.

25)  Corporate event with clients to celebrate partnership

celebrate with clients

Undoubtedly, the clients form an important part of an organisation. This time around, you can take them on an outing too, make them understand how fruitful the collaboration of masterminds can be with the creative games that are played.