(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Previously, big fat Indian weddings contained a lot of rituals and ceremonies that the bride, groom, and their respective families performed for days. Nowadays, people prefer wedding rituals to be customized to suit their tastes, lifestyle, and social status. One such trend is pre-wedding photo shoots. Pre-wedding photo shoot not only act as an opportunity for the bride and groom to get to know each other more, in case of arranged marriages, but it also acts as one of their first official dates. And for people getting love marriages, pre-wedding photo shoots are the best way to capture your beautiful chemistry in prints.

No matter which kind of wedding you are in, these 20 pre-wedding photo shoot destinations will make you fall in love with them.

  1. Agrasen ki Baoli:

Let’s start with the capital city of India! Located in Delhi, this location is perfect for both traditional as well as quirky photo shoots. This place is a 60-meter long and 15-meter wide historical step well situated on the Hailey Road near Connaught Place.


To start with, this place is historic and one of the protected monuments by the Indian Government. What more can make your photos special? Secondly, the place is not very crowded, which makes it easy to get photo shoot permissions. Finally, since the whole location is in a single colour (beige brown), it makes any outfits look prominent on photos.

  1. The Taj Mahal:

This is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to pose with the love of their lives in front of the symbol of love? Known as the monument of love, this world wonder is best for the cheesy, romantic couples. With so many views and incredible architecture, The Taj is bound to enhance the beauty of your couple shoots.


Furthermore, if you happen to schedule your photo shoot on a full moon day, you can even get to capture the true beauty of The Taj Mahal in the night.

  1. Khajuraho:

If you could take a quick trip before your wedding with your fiancé, then head to Khajuraho for the photoshoot. One of the UNESCO world heritage sites, the Khajuraho group of monuments symbolizes ancient history, culture, traditions, love, and life.


Built together by two religions, Hinduism and Jainism, this location has a plenty of temples. Also, just like Agrasen Ki Baoli, this place also radiates your beauty and enhances your outfit as the whole location is neat and single-coloured.

If you happen to visit this place around February, you can also attend the Khajuraho Dance Festival that features various Indian classical dance forms. What’s more, the temple complex is also open in the evenings for nice night photography.

If you are looking for a romantic yet an offbeat location to get your pre-wedding photo shoots done, then look no further than Khajuraho.

  1. Tikli Bottom:

Want to give a real treat to your fiancée? Move straight to the Tikli Bottom to capture your lovable memories. This is also better known as the English cottage. Situated amidst a huge farmland, the place is a unique photo shoot destination. You can reach this destination within an hour from the Gurgaon border.


 This place is loaded with plenty of open lawns and some beautiful looking swimming lakes, this destination will be ideal for those couples who want to bring in their feelings in the form of a print copy.

  1. Udaipur Udaivilas:

If you want your photography to get that Royal look, what can be better than a visit to the Udaipur Udaivilas?


This hotel by the Oberoi group is the most sought out destination for pre wedding. You can see the royalty in each and every piece of the wall over there; the terrace is obviously the ultimate place for your dream photo shoot as the architecture spells magic of love into your pictures. The background is sure to highlight your personality, your appearance and your costume.

  1. Park Hyatt Resort and Spa:

For bundling your quirky traditions before your wedding, rush to the Park Hyatt resort and spa without any second thought.



a, but little do people know that it is equally a great photo shoot destination too. Firstly the beaches of Goa are perfect backdrops for such a beautiful occasion, and next the white and splash hues of the golden sand are going to give a real treat for your eyes whenever you look into your photos. What can be more mesmerizing than the unpredictable sun, beautiful beaches and lovely beaches, you can gather all these from the park Hyatt Resort and Spa venue.

  1. Sahara Aamby Valley:

Aamby valley is situated very close to Pune and Mumbai, and hence picking this destination even at the last moment will work out great for your photo shoot session.


Well speaking about the Valley, this place is a man-made city that is totally ideal for your pre wedding photo shoot segment. You get all the things under one roof over here like the man-made water bodies, beach of Goa, in simple terms you get any kind of backdrop over here.

Don’t miss out to pose in front of the fishermen’s cove. In a nutshell, this is a perfect ambience for couples who want variety in their pictures.

  1. Jadhavgadh Fort:

History repeats again, who said that Forts can be seen only in the history books?


In fact many couples prefer to pick the ancient historical forts as their photo shoot venue. Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Jadhavgadh fort is quite a hit among many couples. The whole place over all gives a rustic feel.

If you are a couple looking out to have some slight ancient touch to your prints, then this place is sure to fit into your taste.

  1. National Rail Museum:

Who said Rail Museums is only a sightseeing place? The trend is changing now and many unconventional couples are surely choosing the National rail museum as their pre wedding photo shoot venue.


Situated at Chanakyapuri, the place boosts of its innumerable artefacts that proves to be a perfect backdrop for your Pictures. For your photo session, it will look great if you get dressed completely British or you can even look slightly modern as this will fit best when you sit on those trains and take pics.

Couples looking out for affordable Pre wedding photo shoots can surely opt for this destination.

  1. Kumortuli:

Enchanting couples go ahead and pick Kumortuli as your pre wedding photo session destination. Situated in Kolkata, Kumortuli will fit perfectly for the couples who are longing to capture whatever they are in love with.


The Kolkata streets are not only lively, but they are an extreme fun too, this will be a great experience for the soon to be husband – wife as they can load the colours and hues of this beautiful city along with their pictures in the frames.

  1. Kumarakom Lake Resort:

Kerala is famous for its backwater beauty, and which couple would say to such a beautiful backdrop. The mystic spell of Kerala has no words to state.


This lake resort is simply unparalleled to any other place, have some photoshoot in those snake boats or at the lush greeneries or in the deep water lakes.

Known as God’s own country, this place is a great way to start your marriage life with pre-wedding Photoshoots.

  1. JW Walnut Groove Resort:

Dehradun and Mussoorie are some places that have innocent charm flowing all over their city, and well the popular JW walnut Groove resorts adds charm to it.


Couples can have a fun photoshoot as the climate and the weather is beautiful over here, the well contrasting resort with the background of the Marriott property will captivate the beauty and elegance of the place in each and every picture.

Capture some candid pictures as you walk along the pathways or give a pose near the lush green in bright coloured costume.

  1. Falaknuma Palace:

Well when we speak of a wedding at Hyderabad, the first thing that will come in mind of everyone is the Falaknuma palace. If you are not getting wedded over here, no problem, at least capture some amazing pictures as a part of your pre wedding photoshoot over here.


The couples will look adorable and get that bridal glow as they pose for the photos over here at this palace. The high ceilings and the beautiful interiors are not only captivating but they can give a royal touch to your photos too.

  1. Rambagh Palace:

For capturing the love in each other’s eye, couples have to surely pick the Rambagh palace of Jaipur. The greatness of this place is that it is an ideal day and night photoshoot destination.


Night Photoshoots gives a mysterious romantic blanket in your pictures while the day Photoshoots will lighten up the mood quickly. ‘

For that classy and fun location shoot up spot, Rambagh will fit perfectly well.

  1. Lavasa:

Lavasa will be ideal for those couples who are looking out to get some scenic and urban touch in their photos.

This location is slowly catching the eyes of young couples and they set a beautiful frame cum composition in the camera.


Pose to the camera sitting on the staircase that stretches to the restaurants or stand beside the water bodies. Whatever, this place is a spell of beauty and fun.

  1. Bhawan Palace:

The greatness of Rajasthan is that there are plenty of Palace’s that are converted into hotels now.


When you stand in front of this Palace and take a picture all you will get as a background is full of pleasantness, calmness and coolness, you can capture all these and store in your album. Dress up either by giving an English touch to your costume or dress yourself in a simple elegant style, anything will match well with that brilliant backdrop.

  1. Lodi gardens:

If you had dreamt of capturing some memorable moments in the arms of your would-be, then hit the Lodi gardens.


The lush greens all over are the most popular and perfect backdrop for any photography and this happens to be one such setting for your photoshoot. The early morning photoshoot is the best time for you to click your couple photos the nature itself will help you to get some mesmerizing pictures. A natural setting that is more splendid than the artificial photo studio is what the place is all about.

  1. Hauz Khas fort and Lake:

The Hauz Khas fort and the adjacent lakes are another historical place at Delhi for your pre-wedding photo shoot destination.


For couples who want their photos to be unique and historical, this place fits best. The rustic background will be really amazing when you dress casually too, the final product that you get from here in your frames is a different twist that you can get nowhere.

  1. Humayun’s Tomb:

When it comes to photoshoot you will expect a tremendous end result and this is possible when you choose the Humayun’s Tomb as your pre-wedding photo shoot destination.


Couples who want some ancient touch to their album are surely going to love this place for their photo session.  The couples can dress either in a majestic way or dress in a simple dress as both of these attires will make the background even more special.

Get that majestic look in each of your pictures with the Humayun’s tomb as your backdrop setting.

  1. French colonies, Pondicherry:

This can be a nice weekend getaway for people living in Chennai or Bangalore. Pondicherry is known for its beaches, amazing road-trip friendly highways, good food, and party. Literally known to be the Goa of Tamil Nadu by many, Pondicherry’s French colonies are the best place to have any photo shoots.


Capture the beauty of your chemistry in these colourful streets that have an amazing architecture. While you are there, do not forget to try wood fire pizzas with your loved one.