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The problem with our generation is that our parents are from Alok Nath’s generation. Indian Parents are a very very special bunch, they will not approve of anything that they wouldn’t do and means everything that is fun to most of us.

But here’s the inside gossip, our parents have done exactly everything that they say no to. They know what their kids are capable of because they’ve done it themselves. The ‘Ghar pe baitho’ is really a ‘We did these things that we can’t openly confess’ talk.

1. Your first trip to Goa:

Indian parents have a tendency to overreact to everything, but hey! You can’t blame them for saying the longest ‘Nooooooooooooooooooo’ you have ever heard. You know what you did in Goa. *wink wink*

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2. Late night drive on the highway:

While being out on the highway is awesome, however Indian parents have a very ‘raat ko bas bhoot ghoomte hai’ attitude to these things. You can a) sneak out b) stay at home and watch TV with your parents c) Say you have to study at a friend’s place and head out


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3. Riding to nowhere on the bike when it rains:

Indian parents don’t really see the point of riding, if the idea is to not get anywhere. ‘itni barish me kaha jana hai? Ghar pe baitho, itni kya jaldi hai?’


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4. A trip that costs a bomb:

“Mumma, trip to Dubai with my friends?” “Beta paise koi jhad pe ugte hai?” there is always the ‘I’m not an Ambani’ reference, as if only the Ambanis go to Dubai’. You can however earn your own money and go out. You’ll need a different convincing strategy then. Don’t miss out on these extreme thrilling sports, if you ever get a chance to visit Dubai.


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5. Travelling alone, to remote places in search of a higher purpose:

Soul searching as a concept has failed the Indian parent. They think it is because of all the movies you’ve been watching (admit it, some of us do it inspired by the movies). They’ll hand over a ‘sasta’ option of going to the temple in the colony and doing all the soul searching.


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6. Travelling when the family is celebrating festivals:

Okay, this is a two part problem. Part one is do you really want to give up on all the yummy food and go away somewhere? And part two if you don’t take the tradition forward, ‘toh phir iss sab ka matlab kya hai?’ If you come up with a rational answer, it will be shot down with a ‘Ghar pe baitho, meethai khao, maazze karo, ghoomne baad me jana’.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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7. Any adventure trip that is risky and includes paragliding, to bungee jumping

Anything that so much as put their kid at the slightest risk, the Indian parent will refuse. Remember the first time you were going to hostel and your mum cried like you were dying or something? Yes that multiplied by 10.


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8. Hitchhiking and taking road trips with strangers:

They’ll be supportive of a trip after a million tantrums may be, but hitchhiking? Taking a trip with someone you do not know. Remember how your friends went through the parent scanner of approval, do you really think your hitchhiking idea would even be considered?

a. Pro tip: Never suggest hitchhiking, never. Tell them you have your tickets booked, and then you just might get a ‘yes’.


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9. Travelling with the other gender:

Yes, you laughed, didn’t you? To the Indian parent, every girl or boy who is not your sister or brother is a potential life partner and you don’t take trips with them, do you? (H’aww shaadi se pehele?) They’re just scared you’ll get in trouble.


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10. Trip to Thailand and places which have vibrant nightlife:

To the Indian parents everything that falls even slightly outside of the ‘sanskari’ framework will be shot down, it doesn’t matter if you’re genuinely going sightseeing. Any place with a ‘nightlife’ (read: alcohol and dancing) is a complete no.

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11. A trip where you even mention the word casino:

‘Juuuari (gambler) banoge kya?’ To the Indian parent. You sip on beer you’re an alcoholic, you enter a casino, and you’re a juuari. This is how it looks to the parents Step 1: Enter casino. Step 2: Sell house and other property.


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12. Any place with the remotest reputation for being unsafe

You can go anywhere for a holiday except for anywhere where it rains, it snows, there is a river, a beach, where it is sunny, where there are mountains, where there are too many people, where there is crime, where there has been or has potential for a terrorist attack. There is a place that meets every criterion –Ghar. That’s why they say ‘Ghar pe baitho’


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13. Places where you have high chances of falling sick:

The Indian parents get their kids to wear sweaters when they feel cold, while it is adorable. It is also one of those reasons where they will simply assume that you’ll fall ill. You’ll catch a cold or a fever or maybe get a headache. Unless you’re Wolverine, these things are going to happen to you even at home, so they tell you ‘Ghar pe baitho’ where they’ll take care of you.


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14. Trip where your phone will not have connectivity :

Panic is a natural state of an Indian parent. When was the last time you and 4 missed call from home and flipped out? Yesterday, this morning? Two days ago? Remember the panicky voice on the other end that was half relieved and half angry? Imagine not having even that. Being completely off the radar is an impossible thing for a kid to do. Super spies still call home and tell their parents their location.


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15. Any trip you propose just after you just failed in an exam:

Indian parents take extra pride in their kid’s marks and feel extra defeated if they fail an exam, you’ll hear the ‘Kya kaami rehgayi thi?’ If you’ve failed an exam and a big one, you’ll be on the receiving end of the waterworks.



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