(Last Updated On: September 28, 2018)

If you love travelling, there’s probably at least one ‘dream trip’ in your bucket list. This is a destination or experience you feel you just can’t miss, and will keep working towards until you actually achieve it. But as any travel lover knows, most dream destinations can be quite expensive.
By the time you save enough for the trip, all kinds of other commitments could keep you from actually taking it. A travel loan through a personal line of credit can help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip now rather than putting it off for later, giving you an unforgettable experience for life!
If you haven’t put together your bucket list yet, here are 10 types of trips you definitely want to consider adding to it:

1. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful and unique ecosystems in the world, but it’s in danger of being lost forever. If you want to see it unchanged, don’t wait any longer!


2. Taking in Cultural & Culinary Delights (Spain) 

Spanish food and culture both evoke a sense of warmth and joy that must be experienced to be believed. Try to plan a trip to Spain around the time of the unique La Tomatina festival.


3. Experiencing a Wildlife Safari (Africa)

The African continent is a wildlife lover’s paradise, and a safari is the best way to see animals in their natural habitat. Step it up a notch by booking a private flying safari over South Africa!


4. Feasting Your Eyes on Timeless Art (Italy)

If you appreciate art and architecture, Rome is the place to visit. Along with exploring the works of the masters, you should also try to attend the carnival in Venice during Jan-Feb.


5. Seeing the Sun Rise Over Angkor Wat (Cambodia) 

The historic temples of Angkor Wat are a source of fascination for both travellers and history buffs, and you will never forget the experience of greeting the sunrise over them!


6. Exploring Sigiriya, the Rock City (Sri Lanka) 

This ancient city once populated by kings and Buddhist monks is built inside 150 metres of solid rock. With secret passageways, gardens and cave murals, this is another must-visit destination.


7. Walking Along the Great Wall (China)

One of the most incredible man-made structures ever built, the Great Wall of China stretches over thousands of kilometres from the desert to the sea. Walking along it is truly unforgettable.


8. Relaxing By the Mediterranean Sea (Greece)

The Greek Islands are a beach bum’s dream come true, with pristine white sand and unbelievably blue waters. And, you must see Santorini’s transformation when the sun is rising or setting!


9. Rejuvenating in the Himalayas (India)

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa or meditation experience, there’s no better choice than the Ananda Himalayas Spa. Nestled among green hills, this peaceful retreat will leave you refreshed.


10. The Ultimate Trip (Cruise Around the World) 

Booking a luxury world cruise may be one of the most expensive ways to travel, but it’s also something you will find yourself remembering with pleasure for the rest of your life!


Is it worth taking a travel loan to pay for your trip? Well, it really depends on how bad you want it. Loans can be paid back over time, but as you get older and life gets in the way, you may find yourself wishing you had fulfilled your dream while you still had the time and energy for it.
Whether you prefer backpacking and roughing it or travelling in comfort, do it now to avoid regrets later!