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Replete with serene beaches, buzzing with balmy vibes with the quaint charm of verdant tea plantations and hosting a plethora of cultural sights that date back to the previous centuries, Sri Lanka has become a travel destination that can make people go green with envy.

In case you’re wondering why we speak so highly of this small island nation for captivating the heart of millions of tourists, scroll down to find out why it’s befitting for you to join the bandwagon of admirers of Sri Lanka:


1) Find the Best Brew with Sri Lankan Tea


The tea hills make Sri Lanka a beautiful green canvas that will take your breath away at the first sight. Walk through the exquisite tea gardens to know all about your favourite from it’s history to the production process which yields your everyday cuppa to begin your day.

You can blend your tea with colonial memories at various tea estates in Nuwara Eliya or indulge in some tea time pampering with your favorite snacks. If you like to know how tea is made, Sri Lanka is a heaven to get some tea estate tours and explore the myriad flavours.

Where to go for your stay?

Feast Your Eyes with a Peaceful Retreat

Take a luxurious break at this beautiful villa while sipping on the most fantastic tea in the midst of a picturesque landscape. Equipped with modern facilities and furnishings, this homestay is a great place to soak in comfort and joy at the same time.

Why it’s better than others?

If you’re one of those that like to spend your holiday in adventurous pursuits like diving, snorkelling, surfing etc, then you’re in for an ideal stay by choosing this homestay for a vacation.

Where to locate this place?

The luxury villa is situated just 1 km away from Hikkaduwa city.

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2) Marvel at the city of gems in Sabaragamuwa Province


Mostly known for its precious stones, Sabaragamuwa Province is a marvellous place in Sri Lanka to capture the scenic creations of nature. Moreover, this place draws in the travellers on a spiritual pursuit to its various places of worship.

Some of the definitive highlights of Sabaragamuwa Province are Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), Maha Saman Devale, Pothgul Viharaya, Siva Temple, Jumma Mosque etc. And if you wish to escape the heat and hustle, there are some brilliant waterfalls such as Bopath Ella, Katugas Ella, Kirindi Ella etc.

Where to go for your stay?

An Idyllic Hideout to Enjoy your Sri Lankan Holiday

Surrounded by eye-catching sceneries of tea plantations and spice gardens, this Nest Wood Bungalow is an ideal retreat to explore the wonders of nature with modern comforts. The eco-friendly bungalow offers the warm Sri Lankan hospitality along with a relayed free ambience to help you rejuvenate in the salubrious climate of Sri Lanka.  

What makes it exclusive?

This amazing homestay offers a unique experience to be enjoyed with natural stream, caves and natural swimming pool in the nearby surrounding area. One can also enjoy the spring water swimming pool at bungalow for a refreshing break.

Where it is located?

The homestay is located on the top of a mountain peak in Kalawana, Sabaragamuwa Province.

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3) Get Candid with Ancient Ruins in Anuradhapura 


If you wish to add something unique to your travel experiences, Anuradhapura is the place to go and lose yourself in the fascinating ruins of a bygone era. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Anuradhapura prides itself with breath-taking ancient stupas ruins resonating Sri Lanka’s glorious history.

Anuradhapura which once stood as the cradle of Sri Lanka’s power now bewitches every traveller with its splendour. One of the most interesting sights here involves a visit the oldest living tree-Sri Maha Bodhiya located in Anuradhapura.

Where to go for your stay?

Befriend the Sri Lankan Hospitality at this Holiday Home

Appreciate the charm of living with a wonderful Sri Lankan family while you explore the breath-taking sights of the island with this homestay. The modern family homestay is run by Ms Rupa and her family who are known to make the tourists feel at home at their house.

How it outsmarts other places?

If you want to appreciate the true Sri Lankan hospitality, the owners of this homestay will offer you a splendid time. Ms. Rupa prepares the most sumptuous local dishes and sweets. She and her husband and son will be your tourist guides and own a tuk-tuk to help you explore.

Where to find this place?

The homestay is located near the great Sri Maha Bodiya tree in old Anuradhapura.

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4) Dive in luxury at Bentota Beach


Fulfill your dream of living by the beach with a refreshing retreat in the pristine sands of Bentota Beach against the gorgeous backdrop completed by coconut trees and the Indian ocean. With some stunning nature and exotic forestry, Bentota Beach is all you need for your laid-back holiday.

Tourists here can indulge in a relaxing vacation in the lap of luxury by staying one of the striking beach resorts located here. For surfers too, Bentota Beach is a surprise package coming along with all its natural bounties.

Where to go for your stay?

Enjoy a Beach Getaway in Bentota

Take a retreat at this elegant homestay, also called Bernard’s home while you refresh your senses with the immaculate setting of Bentota Beach. Tourists here can enjoy a memorable stay at the private room here with the beautiful vista of the garden at an unbelievably reasonable price.

Why it’s better than others?

If you like a friendly chat, then the host here-Bernard and his wife will enlighten you with all the tourism information. While Bernard has got a van to take you around, his wife can fix you delectable Sri Lankan dishes to tingle your taste buds.

How to locate this homestay?

The homestay can be found close to the lagoon in Bentota Beach.

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Surround Yourself with Verdant Gardens at these Beachfront Bentota Rooms in Aturuwella

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5) Revisit Sri Lanka’s Exotic Past in Galle


Galle is a city that has chronicled its long past of colonial era in the most picturesque points of interest for tourists. Galle is replete with some mind-blowing vistas offered by it’s serene beaches, cobblestone streets and colonial architecture exuding the Dutch charm.

Tourists here can have a delightful day visit the famous Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoy an energizing day with waves of the sea or take a walk down to Galle International Stadium which is widely known as the most gorgeous cricket ground.

Where to go for your stay?

A Gorgeous Beach House with the Sights of Blue Ocean

Relish the beautiful stretch of the southern coast of Sri Lanka while you have the perfect beach getaway in Galle, Sri Lanka. The tranquil homestay comes along with all the conveniences and staffed with a cook and caretaker so that you can just relax and unwind.

What makes it so special?

This homestay is a nice place to explore the nearby restaurants in Unawatuna and just a short ride away from the historic Galle Fort. The homestay owners also arrange day trips or longer itineraries for their guests.

Where to find this place?

The homestay is located within walking distance of iconic Frog Rock and Wijaya Beach Restaurant in Galle.

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A Peaceful Homestay Amidst Paddy fields for a Fantastic Retreat in Galle

A Quaint Bungalow with Two Lavish Bedrooms for a Relaxing Holiday in Galle

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6) Surf in the Tropical Waters at Hikkaduwa


Revel with sea creatures in one of the most spectacular surfing spots at Hikkaduwa Beach for an enthralling experience. Quench your thirst for a tropical adventure by catching the stunning waves through the day and party your way through the night at Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa has been a favorite surfing spot for globetrotters for more than three decades now and has got everything you need to for your beach break in Sri Lanka. All you will need is to find the best surf spots, watch the waves and get into action.

Where to go for your stay?

Take a Virtual Tour of this Exotic Beach Villa

If you seek a mind-blowing vista to wake up to on your Sri Lankan vacation, this homestay in Hikkaduwa really fits in your travel plans for an unforgettable accommodation. The luxurious villa offers an outdoor pool, barbecue and terrace with an excellent space for up to 12 guests.

What makes it better than others?

The homestay is located just 800 meters away from the Hikkaduwa wide surfing beach area. In such a vicinity, not only you can wake up to the scenes of beach but also spend your days surfing and strolling by the beach by staying here.

Where to find it?

The villa homestay is located in Hikkaduwa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

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7) Celebrate nature’s company at Yala National Park



Celebrate the company of wildlife with a visit to Yala National Park inSri Lanka. The distinctive charm of Yala National Park is accentuated by its varied topography offering some stunning vantage points to discover the allure of biodiversity in their natural arena.  

Partaking in a Yala Safari here is something that you must try to witness some exotic creatures ranging from Sri Lankan leopards, elephants and a wide array of rich birdlife for an awe-inspiring getaway.

Where to go for your stay?

Adore the Breath-Taking view with Dreamy Mornings

With an exquisite view of the splendid natural surroundings conferred by Ravana falls, Ravana Rock and Little Adam’s Peak, this home is your little slice of heaven to forget your worries and sync with allure of nature. The homestay is a nice place to enjoy a great vacation.

What makes it unique?

Staying here comes with an added advantage of waking up to the gorgeous vista of the landscape around the homestay. The homeowners are quite friendly and oblige you with some great meals.

Where to locate the homestay?

The homestay is situated at Ella, Uva Province, Sri Lanka.

Some more recommendations:

Explore Ella with this Nice Little Homestay to Cool off Away from the Beaches in Sri Lanka

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8) Capture the heart of Sri Lanka in Colombo


Exuding rich colonial heritage with a fascinating blend of cosmopolitan experience, Colombo has got everything you need to spice up your Sri Lanka vacation. Some interesting points of attraction in the city are National Museum, Gangaramaya Temple, Beira Lake etc.

Colombo has got some amazing restaurants to spice up your taste buds, plethora of temples to pay homage to along ,myriad activities with some leisurely retail experience, hitting the spot in many ways for a modern day tourist.

Where to go for your stay?


A Cosy Apartment to Explore the Sights of Colombo

Overlooking the scenic Indian ocean, this homestay is ideal for budget travelers in search of some luxury as well as enjoy an amazing experience while exploring the city. Guests here have the luxury of cooking their own snacks as well as enjoy a comfortable stay with a gamut of amenities.

What makes it special?

While staying here, guests have an access to the whole apartment, including the gracefully designed lounge and dining area bedecked with art and exceptional pieces of furniture. You can also whip up your favourite meals with the help pantry at your disposal.

How to find the homestay?

The homestay can be found in Colombo 3 or Colpetty near the Galle Road.

Some more recommendations:

Relish an Unforgettable Stay Close to the Beach

Delight Yourself with the Vistas of Ocean from Beautifully Designed Suite in the Center of Colpetty 

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9) For a Cultural Rendezvous with Kandy


In the midst of hills, the beautiful city of Kandy is a charming landscape that catches the eye of every traveller. Home to the sacred tooth relic of Buddha and replete with several enchanting parks and gardens, Kandy is a world heritage site you just can’t miss on your holiday.

Escape the hubbub of cities for a relaxing break in Kandy visiting it’s sacred temples and rejuvenating in the realm of nature. Some interesting places to visit here are Kandy Lake, Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, Malwatta Monastery, Royal Botanical Gardens etc.

Where to go for your stay?


A Silent Refuge for Relaxation in the City of Kandy

Whether you need an overnight silent retreat to recuperate or a long break to capture the creative energy in your soul, this homestay defines your accomodation goals. Offering a family friendly space, this cottage is ideal to escape in the wilderness.

A Silent Refuge for Relaxation in the City of Kandy

How it outsmarts the other places?

This beautiful homestay keeps utmost regard of your privacy where you can take a break in the niche of breath-taking beauty to discover something new in the heart of Sri Lanka’s spectacular central mountain region.

Where to locate the place?

The homestay is situated at just a ten minutes’ walk from the centre of the city of Kandy

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10) To have a Serene Beach Getaway at Unawatuna


Dotted with coconut palms with the turquoise waters greeting the golden sands, Unawatuna is a postcard perfect beach to relax and unwind. Even though the 2004 Tsunami nearly wrecked the beach it’s still treasured as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

Vacationers here can add an eco-tourism experience appreciating the rich biodiversity at Unawatuna. Also, there are many luxurious resorts and restaurants along the beach for a stylish escape to accompany a leisurely stroll in the sands and a cool plunge in the ocean waters.

Where to go for your stay?


Surrender Yourself to Luxury and Relax in Style

Amidst tropically landscaped gardens overlooking the verdant paddy fields with an outdoor pool, this homestay will let you bask in opulence for a tranquil getaway. With three bedrooms and all amenities available at your beck and call, you will have all you need to cherish your Sri Lanka holiday here.

Why it’s better than others?

At this astonishingly amazing villa homestay, there is no wish of guests that goes unanswered and you won’t even have to as much as lift a finger. While the cook fixes up your meals, there is a full time housekeeper who takes care of the place with a gardener to oversee the pool and gardens.

Where to find it?

The lavish homestay is located just 6 kilometers away from Unawatuna.

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Spend a Rejuvenating Retreat from a Spacious Apartment with a Private Garden

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